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(however, I will attempt to answer other questions even if they are somewhat personal in nature)
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4 Responses May 9, 2012

Okey since you asked it yourself. . . <br />
Here goes #1________Can I ask a picture? Ofcourse through PM ? <br />
**Oopss. . . did I sense smoke coming out from my laptop now** <br />
Okey nevermind about that question.<br />
Here goes #2________ Do you find yourself more sophisticated in handling issues now a days, compared to when you've just joined EP few years back?

#1 Of course you can ask...but, at least for now I'm holding off putting my picture out to people here (I've been asked before).

#2 You aren't suggesting that I was unsophisticated when I started on EP a few years ago, are you? Seriously, though, you learn a little bit each day and you learn when to say things and how to say them...so my answers would be slightly different today than they would have been a couple of years ago.

"Madame, a gentleman never accidentally insults anyone"
-Benjamin Disraeli

Well at least I tried for my luck for that #1. No worries.^^ As for #2, well I'm impress. Not that I find you Unsophisticated, I said "more" teehee^^. Anyway, as always you impress me with your words. I also learn a little bit each day. And have to confess that quote from BD is nice.

how did you run across EP? ;)

I was actually researching travel to places with nude beaches, and one of the links that came up was from EP about going to a nude beach. I looked around the site a bit &amp; decided to join...even though that had not initially been what I was looking for.

do you like lawyer jokes?

Some can be OK, but generally no.

When did you first realize you were into males as well as females? ;)

When I was 24 &amp; had recently broken up with a girlfriend, I was at a male friend's house &amp; we were drinking and watching TV. He left the room for a few minutes, returned (completely naked) &amp; walked up to me and kissed me. To my surprise, I was aroused &amp; ended up getting naked and having sex with him (and loving it so much I knew I wanted to do it again...and that I wasn't completely straight).

Thanks for sharing! Coppy says "WOWOWOWOW" ;)