I Am Honest.

Birthday is 9-23-92
Graduated high School class of 2011 with honors
I became a Massage Therapist in Aug 2011
Have dated several guys, but am in love with Kerry, whom I have been with since April 2010
Have always been a giving person, both in bed and out of
Love having my boobs kissed and caressed
I do not shave my bush, but prefer to keep the curls trimmed
Sometimes I  am too assertive in bed, but no guys has ever complained. 
************ is something I really enjoy and like to do it with someone else in person
It has never been difficult to get aroused with a partner
I always spend a lot of time pleasuring my lover
I like to have men *** on my **** or belly or legs
Am not into facials
I am bi curious and feel it won't be long until I have sex with a girl.

Anything else you want to know, just ask.
meadow1992 meadow1992
18-21, F
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favorite color

favorite Disney princess

favorite pair of panties

wanna chat on yahoo sometime? daytimepm69 is mine

Do you have a hard time keeping you mind straight with attractive clients?

How often do the guys your giving a massage to get an erection? What do you think about it, and do you ever do anything about it?

Would you ever have a ********* with another girl and your man? If so, would you set boundaries?

How do you feel about being tickled? Where are your more ticklish spots?

Do you like it in the back door?

What do you fantasize of that you have yet to do?

Do you have a friend in mind to try out bi-curious? Or just want to see if you really enjoy what you imagine? I tried it a bunch in high school and it was sexy but I love women too much to really get excited by it.

Tell me about the first time you gave a guy a *******!

OK here is mine. Panties: Friend or Foe?, and how often do you not wear them. **** ring? Have one, or have you thought about getting one. I love mine!

when you massage men, do they try to get you to do more sexual things?

Some try but will only do hands

SLOW CLAP - A single tear of joy rolls down his cheek.

would you do mutual ************ with a stranger

Not sure. Guess it depends on who and what I am feeling

Honesty is sexy no matter what anyone thinks of the truth.

Very true