I'm Almost A Complete Daredevil

Back in my younger, elementary school days, I was the playground daredevil. If you said anything with a "double-dog dare" or "triple-dog dare" in front of it, I would do it.I'm older and more responsible and cautious now but I'm still somewhat of a dare devil. So I will answer almost anything anyone on here comes up with. If there is something I just won't answer, I'll at least post my reason why I won't answer. So fire away EP, let's see how this goes.
YoungandFree93 YoungandFree93
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

okay another nightmare senario .Have you ever been caught ************ and by who.

Haha I've actually never been caught doing anything of a sexual nature. I walked in on an ex cheating on me though.

Yes happened with my first marriage .We had only been married 8 months was devastated many years ago now .

What is the worst dare you have done and why.

Hmm... I'm going to have to say taking a friend of mine's pregnant older sister out to dinner. I was 16, she was 22; and for some reason she then decided to stalk me for over a year trying to get me to stay with her and basically be a baby-daddy. The dinner wasn't what made it the worst ever, it was the consequences of being stalked. I shudder at the thought. Haha.

ouch not good stalking is worrying and creepy

What was the most daring thing you did on the playground?

Let's see, that's actually a tie but for obvious different reasons once I tell them. I once hung upside down, shirtless from the highest pull up bar while drinking a soda haha. And it's tie was walking up to the preacher's daughter and kissing her on the cheek in second grade; you know, when the opposite sex still had cooties and cooties were deadly haha.

Wait are you saying that guys DON'T have cooties?? ;)

Haha I didn't know or care, but everyone said girls did so I was like 007 or something haha. :)