Ask Me Anything!! :)

Anything goes! But be prepared for a 100% honest answer. I won't hold back...
DilfHunter DilfHunter
22-25, F
6 Responses May 20, 2012

whats the wildest thing youve done?

Alright then, What is a DILF, or at least the D part?

Dad I'd Like to **** :)

Do you want to spend some naughty time on skype with me?

What's the oldest man you have been with, or would consider being with?

Age doesn't really factor in for me, as long as I'm attracted to them!

Do u finger your self a lot?

More than average I think haha

Even if a guy is a jerk that keeps driving you nuts.... would you still see him once in a while if you were in need of some special attention?

Absolutely! Even though I'm sure she NEVER drives you nuts... :P