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Ok you said you would friend a sissy (crossdresser) but would you ever date one or hang out in public with one?

Hanging out in public is a definite. To me it doesn't matter what you wear or who you are, as long as you're yourself. As for the dating, as long as I had a connection with the person and there was love and friendship then I don't see why not. It all just depends on what type of relationship the other person is looking for. And whether or not I am able to accommodate them.

A very open minded answer.

Thank you! I really try to be open minded and honest with people. Plus it just doesn't make any sense to me to do any different.

I love to see a nice pair of bra and panty on a beautiful body! (Lacey)what are your favorite pair? And what are you wearing now! :)

I am a comfort over anything else kinda girl. So my favorite would be lacy boy shorts/Briefs in any color (I like bright colors and a bra to match. I like Frederick's of hollywood bras specifically the Hollywood Exxtreme Cleavage ones. Right now I am wearing one of said bra's. It's black and pink with lacy flowers and again said boy shorts (black).

Nice!I am imaging you in them! Well your profile pic is hot as HELL! Love blonde hair! :) when was the last time you had sex?

what rules of sexuality do you think should be eliminated

I didn't realize there were any rules. Everyone should have the right to be who and what they are.

What ind of questions do you want to answer?

honestly anything

How deep and for how king do you place you tongue in a man's *** during *******?<br />

wow lol. Never done that so i have no idea.