Okay Go For It.

Just as the title says ask me.
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What's something that very few people know about you?

Gd question btw, very few people know that i went and saw a therapist about my anxiety last year not cool but true. :p

Yes I've been a relationship before and yes to having liked someone but not being able to make a move. I've been single for about for about 10 months maybe longer during that time I've made out with girls and stuff. Id like to have a girlfriend badly but i'd like a much wider friendship group more . Things will happen when they are supposed to is what i believe. My main focus at the moment is living my life and experiencing the world if i manage to find a girl I genuinely care about along the way then that's a bonus lol

Have you ever been in a relationship before? Or Have you like someone and wanted to get to know her, but felt that you couldn't make a move? How bad do you want a girlfriend? and When is the time you've find each other. just wanting to know same situation here.