Summery Feelings

The sun is out at last and with it I am discovering a sex drive that I thought had been lost forever. I have had a lot of good sexual experiences and had a very active marriage until I was widowed some years ago. Since then I have gone out with a few men, tried the physical stuff with one or two but it just wasn't working.
Now, suddenly I am obsessed with sex. I see it everywhere and I think people see it in me again.Today, in the supermarket I caught sight of a couple of men glancing at my breasts. Surely I didn't imagine it? I have a tight ribbed t-short top on and my shape is good. Maybe they are feeling the heat too. 
Just not sure what to do with all these new feelings.

I am in the back garden now, tidying up the plants and shrubs. It is hot now. I look across and see two roofers working on a house over the road. They are busy, not looking at me so I take off my top and carry on working in my bra.
I'm proud of my breasts. They are still round and firm and "more than a handful" with broad dark pink nipples, my conch shells as my partner called them. He would call them that just before moving down to take them in his mouth, rolling one then the other in his mouth, opening his mouth so wide to take in as much as he could. I loved it and I love that feeling now.
I am not concentrating on the plants. I reach around and take my bra off, toss it on to the bench where the top is already lying and I turn around facing the builders, full on but I'm still shy. I sheild my eyes and then turn back to the plants. I want to be seen.
Then I hear a cough. I look up and the postman is standing there with a parcel.
"I rang the doorbell and was going to drop it over the back fence but saw that you were working here."
There's nothing for it but to walk straight towards him.
I know that the breasts are bobbing a little as I walk. I'm blushing but proud too. Proud of my assets. And the postman is smiling.
"That's a nice sight for a summer's day. It's hot now."
I laugh and look down. My nipples have hardIened and the tiny dots around them are pronounced. I feel my breasts harden and firm.
I look at the postman. There is a bulge at the front of his trousers.
Don't think about it. Just don't think about it, I tell myself.
I hear a voice -mine - say "Thanks. Yes it's hot. Did you want some water"
"Yes, please"
I walk into the kitchen and feel the postman's footsteps close behind.
"I'm Jimmy" he says."I know you;re Sylvie... from the parcel."
I pick up a glass and lean into the sink to fill it with water.
As I do so, I feel the postman - Jimmy - press into me. I feel a hardness against my *** and I feel him pull the loose top of my leggings down.
I stand stock still. J
immy's hands now all over my breasts, squeezing, pinching, pulling. His hardness against my bare bottom.
I move backwards to give myself space, to show off my ***. Then I lean forward and I feel what I've been waiting for all morning, all days, for weeks, years. I feel Jimmy's hand gently part my legs and I'm embarrassed. I know I'm wet. I know I'm ready.
Then Jimmy moves his hand and I feel a thickness, a hardness, pushing my legs open further - or do I widen them involuntarly?
He's inside me now and we're moving. I move back slightly and feel the width of him move in deeper. He moves his hands up and squeezes my breasts, pinching my nipples again.
Harder and harder the movements, Jimmy and I moving back and forth, back and forth. I am banging against the kicthen worktops, my hands holding on tight to steady myself. Then strong, shafting movements, opening up that part of me so needing to be filled.
Jimmy thrusts and squeezes. I am going ... going,.. I scream.
I scream and feel dampness everywhere and then I hear Jimmy "Oh go, oh my god..."
Wetness running down my legs. and I am full, I am full, I feel fulfiled.
I look down, My breasts pink from squeezing and delight,, upright and proud.
I hear a zip being pulled, feel a kiss on the back of my neck and hear Jimmy's voice.
"I'll be back tomorrow."
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14 Responses Jun 19, 2012

Great story, thanks. My wife (and the love of my wife for fifty years) died in January of this year and I keep hoping to get laid. But not much chance for a 70 year old man.

I loved was so hot it made me wet.

I am widower, and feeling the same now a days. It'll be nice if we are closer and can fulfill each others needs.

good story girl....seems like you now realize your body was made to be ******....hard and often.<br />
<br />
Have you tried black **** yet?

As always, What I have read from you makes me want to know you better! You are so sensual-so sexy! I am new here, but was enthralled by what I read! I can picture you as having so many hidden and secret fantasies of your own, which you write about so wonderfully. I'd love to know how many fantasies you have truly experienced, and if you are daring enough to keep shortening the list of things you have never done! YOU EXCITE ME! Hope to hear from you-and Thanks! Bob

WOW!<br />
What a great story!<br />
I enjoyed it all and am looking forward to many more from you.<br />
You are an excellent writer. A natural. Ever thought of doing it for a living? Writing that


You do very well telling your stories and expressing your sexual feelings. They make me want to get to know you better'

Thank you!

You do bring out the best in men with your stories. I love what you have to say and how you it.

Thanks! I think men bring out the best in me!

Your a good writer. Very hot feelings and emotions!

Thank you, They say you write best when you write what you know and like so that's what I do!

SYLVIE . WHAT A SEXY NAME ! , for such a sexy hot genous lover ! i love to **** doggie style and grab onto and pinch big beautiful **** and nipples to steady myself while im powering into your warm wet juicy ***** ! but then i finish up by attacking ur erect throbbing achy **** and as soon as you come and your ***** clamps down on my **** , im delivering a nice big warm cream pie deep inside of you ! i love summer time too busty beauty Sylvie ! growl xo

So pleased you enjoyed the story! We have lots in common. Seems we both like lots of action and juice!

I'm Jimmy also. lol And I adore redheads..XOXO

Wow! Nice to meet you Jimmy! I'm sure you;re just as good as taking a girl by surprise!

I love your story, and love a woman secure enough in her body to share it with others! You are awesome :-)

Makes me feel wet again just reading this.