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1 Response Jun 23, 2012

I am in desperate need to find out if my friend is a sociopath. any sociopaths out there willing to answer any questions? I read a ton of this online and she meets almost everything but there is a few things holding me back from saying for 100% and also it is a very strong accusation to make on someone. especially someone ive grown to care about alot. thank you in advance. :)<br />

#1, most highly trained extensively educated psychologists are hesitant to render such a diagnosis on a person because it is so subjective. Since I doubt you have the credentials to make such a diagnosis, then you have no business labeling her as such.

#2, if she were a sociopath, then the idea that she is someone you "care about alot" is foolish. She would be incapable of reciprocating such feelings in any way and you would be setting yourself up for certain heartbreak, rejection, and potentially even physical harm. If you hug a snake and it bites you it's your fault, because we all know that's what snakes do.

#3, if you have these concerns, regardless of whether or not she is a sociopath, she is likely a poor choice for a friend. Distance yourself. Don't martyr yourself or take another's inevitable demise as your burden. That's just foolishness.

thanks :(