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Any Question I Might Not Know The Awnser But I Will Give It My Best Shot

im an open book so go ahead ask away :)
justjoni justjoni 22-25, F 7 Responses Aug 19, 2012

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Do you like any of my stories? Please have a try reading even one before leaving an answer you don't want. ;)

Will you be going out Trick-or-Treating this year? ..if so, as what? =P

trick or treating no but to a party yes and not sure what to wear yet

Why did you join EP?

for fun

Can you be more specific?

sure found it randomly was bored so i jonied cuz ifigured talking 2 ppl wud be more fun thn talkin 2 mysef :)

Spit or swallow?

swallow i dont wanna be rude

do you like sexy dirty questions?

Ok... barefoot or shoes?

what u mean

I mean do you prefer to be barefoot or wearing shoes?

well if they are really cute shoes then shoes

What's the state capital of Delaware?

i know this one! dover :)

Lol! Good job!