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What Do You Want To Know??

This seems like fun, c'mon ask me anything... don't be shy
QueenRenny QueenRenny 31-35, F 19 Responses Sep 8, 2012

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Have you been groped in public?

Do you pee in front of men!

When's the last time u had sex and how many times did u come . How often would u like to have sex ?

Would. you date a guy who looked better dressed in female clothes then you and would you find it sexy ?

Hi single or taken?


Ha. Not asking you

oh sorry this one is a little confusing

Do you enjoy the idea of watching two guys fight? Would it change your answer if the fight was over you? If you would like to watch, what would you want to see happen?

What is your nastiest sexual fantasy? I mean something even you consider nasty, but dream of doing all the same...

What does your name mean?

my name is Renny, the Queen parts it's just made up :)

have you ever had anal sex?

i had

what did you think of it?

it's so good, we do it regularly

how old were you the first time you had anal

it's been so long.. maybe it's about 24 - 25

whats your favorite position to get ****** in the ***

doggie style

i think thats most peoples favorite way to have anal

ha ha.. i think that way too

do you ever play with your ***?

hey... it's getting embarassing, send me a message okay :D

your gonna have to send me a message. it wont let me send you one

could you add me so we can talk

that should do it

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Where'd you get the sweater? I've never seen a full spongebob before, just pics of him.

i bought it at tanah abang grocery market

When was the last time you were horny?

last week too? hahahaha awkward....

How old are you?

nearly 32

Are you married and are you spanked when you are naughty?

haven't got married yet. when i was a child if i'm doing something naughty of course mama and papa will spanking me he he he...

Then if i may ask 4 a kiss, will u give me?

Then if i may ask 4 a kiss, will u give me?

mmuuacch...!! that should do it

What would I have to say or do for you to love me?

uumm.... i don't know... just give me your best :)

Are you a pretty as your profile pic?

what do you mean? it's me on the on the profile pic
Get more of me on my album

Would you be willing to take care of/date a sweet, older, disabled man?

never been before, so maybe i'll try

Would you please come give me soapsuds enemas till clear?

ha ha ha... sure