Anything, this is your chance. Anything! Don't be shy! :3
iAmDii iAmDii
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Okay here's a question: If one of your close friends or family had to die, and you had to make the choice who, which person would you pick and why?

What was your most embarrassing moment?

What did you think people would ask you?

wana be friends ? u can add me if u like tooo :)

Okay :3

hahaha lol cute kid ,,, i havent seeen so young person on this site before :)

Hello!! How are you?? :D

I'm good! How are you? :3

Great thanx!! Is your name Dii? Thats a cool name. Are you still in school? I have just started sixth form. :)

whats the most kinky thing you have done sexually?

Ummmm nothing?????