I don't have anything better to do so ask me anything you want and I'll answer as honestly as I can. I'm a pretty open person so I won't be hesitant. Don't be too creepy though lol.
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Do you babysit?

yes but not for free

Do you have a favorite age to sit for?

I would say from an infant to about 5 or 6 but I would babysit any kid.

Favorite part of babysitting?

Just watching kids being kids. They are so funny and innocent and unafraid to be themselves because they haven't been totally corrupted by life yet. That's why I like them really young.

Least favorite part?

The least favorite part is when they misbehave because then I have to be the bad guy and I hate having to yell at children.

I have a 12 year old friend who just started babysitting

Wow that's pretty young to be babysitting. Your friend must be very mature.

She went to a class I guessed that helps

Her first time sitting was for a 4 and a 2 year old

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what's the greatest number of people to see you naked at one time?

Lets be friends aja add please thanks .

Did it.

have you ever had sex with another female?

Only oral

Sweet. How did you like it?

It was pretty good but I still prefer guys.

Would you do it again with another girl? Would you do a 3 some with a guy and another girl?

I might if it was the rigt person and last year me and two friends of mine ****** this guy in his dorm after we got drunk.

wow, one dude and 3 women? That's what I call a party. I really like you.

Thanks :)

You're awesome that you would do that.

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why dont you have a picture?

I prefer to stay anonymous.

You could be a man.

Could be, guess you'll never know.

How many times do u ********** in 24 hours.and what do u insert.

I don't really **********.

Ok what about *******. How mant ******* sessions do u have. And how many ******* do u expect each session.

I am in college so if I have sex, I only do it once and I've never had an ******.

When he s ramming it hard n deep in your ***** what does he say . And what do you say . Btw i say her **** **** **** while my gal screams **** me **** me...

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is it true that diapers are better then undies

I would't know, I haven't worn diapers since I was a toddler.

would love an add please

what your reason why you join ep?do you like romance or friendship?

I actually stumbled upon this site when I was doing research for school and since I didn't have an account I couldn't look at some stories. So I made an account and was hooked from the very first day. :)

good then im sure you will enjoy alot of things as you move on and find something that would make you more feel exciting.

Maybe not.. I'm into taboo

Try me.

Starting a family. Teaching our kids from day one. That's just one of the taboos I love!!

Ok what's your number? I might be to creepy though..Lol

...Or asking me for personal info like my number or something.