This is a giant leap for me but I will try my best. Ask away.
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Ok---Is that you in the picture?? And have you ever thought of getting a short "boyish" haircut for the summer?? Think you would look awesome with one!!

What is your bust size?

Hi.could you add me..what kind of panty you wear?

Hello duckygirl - how are you today -long time no see - where you been??

Would you go out in public with no panties on and a skirt and intentionally let your legs open and show your ***** to strangers.?

How about adding me?

Nope never even asked a question and have not been added. Ask in private???
Guess I wasn't aware i did that.

please add me, i would love for you to see my pics!!!!!

I think I have an infection of the upper resportry tract- can u help??

What colour is the flag of Monaco ??

What is the fear of questions called??

What is the square root of Pi??

Hi Duckygirl- I know it's off topic - but
I've just written a little thank you for all my Ep friends - please take a look- it called - I love my Ep friends - thanx

Great! I will look. Have a wonderful day. ; )

Thank you very much

How are you today- are you well?
And tell me about your day

Is that a real photo of You? (very nice)

Why Duckgirl? Whats the story behind your username?

I just love ducks. ;) Can spy on them all day long.

Ok -

Have you answered my other questions ?? - ha - you see- a question about a question !!

Haha! Yes I did.

*smiles* thank you-

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Have u ever watched any "naughty" videos ??

Haha. No.

Wouldnt you like to?

Have You read any of my stories or posts ??

Not at this moment. I will stay to reading for now.

Honestly I do not think I have. Do have a favorite all time story? I may read it.

All of them are favorites - please, go have a look. But be warned- some of them might be a bit naughty!! Lol
Please- just go though them - leave a little note if u like or dislike - thank you very much. - markxx

The "I babysat my sister" is a popular one

I will do that.

Enjoy- but you were warned ;)

I've just been to my List of stories, and the most popular- is the one entitled- the first time is saw a girl p**
nearly 800 people have read that- wow

I will start with that.

Thank you

And did u like what u found??

Did you enjoy reading about me babysitting my sister and her friend??

Interesting. I do not know if this Pee thing is for me. I am happy for you, you have something you enjoy.

LOL I really do not know what to say.

Thank you for being honest - I'm sorry if I embarresed you- mxx

;) It is okay. I will read more of your stories most likely.

Thank you - you must like some of what you read ??
Can I write one that has you as the main character? It might be nawty!!

I've written 1 today you might like

HaHa! I can not stop you from writing what you wish. But I think embarrassment of being in your story would prevent me from reading it.

Oh I love your shyness- so cute
Have you looked at my latest??

I'm glad you likes it- hope it turns u on??
And anal - you like that as well
Maybe I write YOU a story insead! Lol

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do you wear thongs?

LOL No! Not opposed to it. Just never did.

have you tried them?

and thankyou for replying, i would love to chat some time

Hello again, ducky. Would you consider adding me as a friend? I can be pretty rough at times, but never with a gentle soul like you.

your innocence is very refreshing. x

do you play with yourself, if you do how old were you when you started

Wow, what a question.

I have crossed paths with almost, have never fully committed. Haha! You have embarrassed me.

Okay, Self pleasure is a, taboo? in my family. Frowned upon I guess. My feelings become confused when I experience urges but feel I shouldn't. LOL I am not making sense? I just know the want is growing rapidly and I am unsure of how to handle it.

have you had sex


have you ever kissed a girl and liked it


What prompted you to come to EP?

I really only found EP by accident. Happy that I did.

My answer would be exactly the same: by accident and happy that I came here.

It's 8 inches the 30 + like it.

do you like my name?

HaHa! Sorry took me time to decipher your name. I am lacking in knowledge of sexual thingys.

I do enjoy your name but the thought of 8 feet is painful.

I liked you comment. You sound sweet.