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I'm not giving out my address etc, but aside from information you could use to stalk me or invade my home, I'll answer anything honestly! Give it a try and I'll further promise not to block or insult anyone asking here.
SamanthaLau SamanthaLau
18-21, F
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If you woke up one day as a male and found out you had the power of hanging your gender at will, what would you do first?

Do you have pee or bedwetting accidents often?

Message me ;-) it won't let me message you first

Can you please list your medications? Thank you.

Uh I only take stuff for my brain

Please name each brain medicine. Read the labels. Thank you.


Any others?

Seizures may increase, as may headaches and the odd more minor symptom. This infantile regression stuff is pure fabricated nonsense---Sorry Folks.

Huh? It dont happen from meds it was my head injury you loser

Me winner. My aesthetician is a Neurologist.

Your what?

And boom----- the sweet innocent regressed child personality, Ladies and Gentlemen. Siri Brown.


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How deep is your vagina?

uh i dunno normal!?

Could you fit 9 inches all the way?

Have you ever been angry at your Underwear? Why?

Ye sumtimes it goes up my butt haha

How can you be sure you really do have a butt?

I can see it behind me

What is a Frontbottom?

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favorite color

favorite Disney princess

favorite pair of panties

I am 18


I like Ariel cus she's a mermaid

I got red ones with black lace ribbons

Do you fart often :)?

Haha only sumtimes

Do you watch ****?

Wat it about?

How often do you **********? If so how do you like to do it?

Not sure wat u saying lol

what is you i deal of the most romantic date you can think of?

I don't remember them now really

What is your last book?

Skool books again!!

pls answer the one aboot Vulva....

Are you into dating men that are about twenty years older than you? Is it okay for a man that much older than you to flirt with you?

Uh this is like months ago but my brain age is low so I dunno

Your soft panties when they rub against your vulva, do you like that? What does it feel like

Wats vulva?

Your external genitalia. What most people mistakenly call ' vagina'.

oh ok

There remainz the Original Question.......

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are you ok without medicines?

No :(

Are you willing to stand naked in public for a good cause, like defending for women right or else?

uh like what?

Like women should not get ****** in the ***, why they have a ***** then.

I dont get it omg...wat?

Never mind, sorry.

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Positioned exactly yhe way you are on your profile pic, has your boob ever fell out?

haha ye in some tops

Did anyone see?

Will you date a stranger?

Uh no I gotta know them a bit!

During your regression for the scan, what happened to your mental processes? Did they regress? Do you have memory of it? I'm sorry. That is 3 questions. I am just fascinated by the experience.

im a smaller mental age now

do u cam r u a exhibistionist

i dont know the word soz!

Ur name has an indian feel...Are u an Indian ??

no im english

Looks like you need to catch up on some answering...lol.


Are you sure ?

have you ever wet yourself on purpose

no not on purpose lol

in your opinion, what is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

It's like taboo for me to ask you anything. You are a child to me and I am not a ******** or anything. On this site, where almost any thing goes, just where do draw the line? The thrill is getting to know someone without any restictions. Honestly.

Condoms or not? Pull out or *** inside?

Have you had an Mmf *********... yet? That's my favourite sex and still my favourite fantasy depite realising it. What is your favourite fantasy.

I have never had one of those. ;)

Does the idea appeal? Do you have some other fantasy you haven't done yet?

Would u consider getting 2 no sum1 then meet them through this site?

I might but we'd need to know each other well.

I'd love 2 c ur ****!! Lol

Tell me about your accident.. what happened??

My story Resulting Regression explains it, hun.

Yah sorry..just read it I`m caught up now...again..good luck!!

ever ****** an older guy ??

Yes, but not way way older.

so whats wayyy older then ??& whats the differencs

15 years older, give or take. I wouldn't go for someone say...40 years older.

<p>Do you feel any remorse for bullying those two girls when you were in school?</P>

I feel bad that one of them got back at me.

That sounds interesting. How did she get back at you?

were you ever spanked for sexual feelings or by your parents for disciplianry reasons.

I was spanked by my parents for discipline, yes.

Do you like a man in uniform

Yes, I think most women do!

Are you always this open with people

No. :P

Just on this site cause you see friendly from reading the other questions at least

It's easy to be open on the net. I don't think I am dishonest irl either though.

Ok thanks

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Me abd hubby would play

I am single right now. :)

Where you at ya i would drive you are that hot


Your favorite fantasy is a roleplay with another couple, are you bi curious?

I wouldn't go with a girl just right away, but a couple would be fun.

Would you "play" with the female in the couple?

Of course.

with the view on a different perspective, did it change the way in which you look at sex. ie, do you see it as just being fun or something being reserved for a more serious relationship....

I think sex is vitally important. I had issues immediately following it but now I like to seek out sexual partners for mutual enjoyment.

interesting, do you mean a "friends with benefits" kind of relationship?

Yes, as long as it is clear from start.

so how regularly do you have sex with a "friend" (assuming you are not committed to a relationship)


mmmm. sounds like fun...enjoy

Haha. ;)

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Do you like to give blow jobs?

I like the result.

Do you taste the results taste?

Different guys taste different tbh.

First things first, how old are you?

18 :)

Which do you like better being a blonde or a brunette? Have you ever been a red head?

Brunette but yes, I've had auburn hair and proper bright red.

Nope, no girls of any gender should ****. It immediately turns em into guys.....


If you woke up one day, and you were a man and would never go back to normal, would you start dating women or be gay? Sorry for the randomness :3 lol

This is a harder question than it first seems. I first thought I'd naturally get excited by women being in a male body, but I don't get sexually excited by women now so why would that change? I guess I'd try both and see how things worked out. If I could become attracted to women my new life would be easier, but I'd have no big problem being a gay guy.
Btw, am I hot as a guy? ;)

i wish i could wake up as a woman life would be better for me

Men only think this!

Haha idk, you don't look like a guy, so it's hard to say. XD you are very pretty though! I'm sure you would make anything you might spontaneously wake up as attractive! Lol

Dunno. How about a mule? Lol

Prettiest mule ever? Lol

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How would handle me as I have always been with older women?

Vigorously and all night.

wow that will be good. I like vigorous activity and am a great fan of going down.

Sounds good so far.

Still have not come across a lady who has not enjoyed me. I think it works both ways to like and be liked.

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What is your favorite syfy show?

Sci-fi or on syfy? I like The Walking Dead, which is a killer show.

That is awesome show. Did you watch Eureka or watch Warehouse13?

Warehouse 13 appealed to me in theory but never watched! Have you seen American Horror Story?

No I haven't. Is it a good series?

Bit mad! Try it. First season on dvd by now.

I checked out season 1 episode 1 and it was good...a little strange but good. I'll take a a look at ep02.

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Have you ever gone out in public without a bra and/or panties on?

Yes, more than once.

Have you ever flashed someone in public?

Uuummm, not as such.

Favorite fantasy?

Rape roleplay. With a couple would be awesome.

What's your wildest fantasy ?

Probably a simulated rape roleplay with a house invading couple.

Lets do it ;-)

do you look up at the moon, and stars, and dream away?

Not often. :)

Do you webcam?

With friends yes.

Can we webcam?

Are you dominant?

In normal life, yes.

What about in the bedroom ?

No :)

:-( u never tried it or are you sub ?

In the bedroom I'd be sub.

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Would u ever **** some one younger then u?

I wouldn't go lower than 18, so no.

Can u add me plz

Would trade pics with someone on the Internet?

I might but only if I knew them and liked them.

True, could have to little, well the good part is you only use what you need!

Unfortunately I get that a lot :(!

Could be worse!


A bit big.

Would you have sex with a man that has a 10+ inch ****?


TuckerS1211, I actually didn't ********** at all during my early teens and right up until I had my accident. It was during my condition that I experienced something similar first and that's not really ************.

Ok so when you say something similar.... explain.... like ruibbing against objects... or squeezing your legs together during therapy ??

It involved part of the equipment used during my recovery, which was part of the limb exercises I had to do.

I just read your accident story..... and I apologize.... I feel bad now...

Well, these things happen I did recover. :)

With your permission may I ask another question ? Have you used your hands at all since your discovery to m a s t u r b a t e ?

Well, my first such experience was most certainly hands free and a very big surprise to me.

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Talk about your m a s t u r b a t i o n history..... age first..... how often.... etc....

what would you do to a man if he told you that you could do anything sexual to him

Men seem to enjoy oral sex, so likely that if I like him.

I know you can do better than a BJ...

You haven't had one of my BJ's.

I wish!

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Do you have any sexual experiences that you regret and what is a sexual fantasy that you would hesitate to tell your partner?

I regret sleeping with some guys, yes. I guess my only fantasy I'd be reluctant to tell a bf about would be rape.

So, you have fantasies of being dominated

In bedroom, sure.

What do you think about chastity devices for men or women?

I wouldn't want to wear one!

regnoht, whatever they want to do but I wouldn't date a shaved thong wearing guy. lol

tp7432, I don't have any plans on using fruit or anything.

TARDUN, I've had my **** sucked until they were sore but not bruised. I don't think I'd like that!

i have done that to my girlfriend multiple times she gets off so easy when i suck them. they were so soft and tender that all i had to do was touch them and she instantly came. that is soo fun to know that i can just reach over pass my hand one one and her panties are soaked

What do you think about men wearing thongs and shaving their body?

Have you ever had you **** sucked for so long and so hard that they were purple and bruised the next day like one big hickie? If not may i try?

tp7432, I can honestly say I've never used unusual objects on myself to ******. Interesting question.

do u like to have fun on cam

Not with randoms. :P

tried to ask question but alas no reply do i win a prize hon

I don't see any questions from you lol

i sent them in pm hon

Cheating! ;)

Lalakhan, no. I've fancied people but never so extreme.

thats the best thing about you i've known so far..:))

ever been in love..?

Iamfreakingout, I had to laugh! There is no risk but glad you think about these things! Lol
I think you have a point but who would say ethnicitism? Lol

excuss me im not no fuckn black im white

masonsam34, I don't pee for guys to collect lol

Sorry to disappoint you wifeslavetobb, but I do not have sex with black men so none of those apply to me.

i love females pee i want urs

HAVE YOU BEEN ********** ? HAVE YOU BEEN FORCED TO **** OR SUCK ANYONE? hAS YOUR ***** BEEN STRECTHED BY A HUGE ****? Has your *** been opened wide by a BBC?

when you write this, i feel like I need to take a shower..

Do you like BBC?

I don't go for black men. :)

If in 2000 you were three years old, how come you are between 18-21 years old now?

I never said that. lol

I get it now. You read a question I answered but thought I asked it. Lol

nakedtim, I've never answered the door naked no.
I have walked around the house naked.

cloudedjourney, I actually love horror and sci-fi. So my faves include Alien and The Thing.
I'd have to say my fave food is peppercorn steak, medium rare.
Not sure about position, but either doggy style or reverse cowgirl as I am most likely to enjoy those.
In a park, on a swing in the early hours.

Great Answers! Peppercorn New York? so good!

My partners say I am good at many styles and best of them is Doggy style...wana try ;-)

First! I'm sure there will be lots :P

What is your favorite movie, food, and position?
Where is the craziest place you have done something sexual?