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Let's See How This Goes!

I'm not giving out my address etc, but aside from information you could use to stalk me or invade my home, I'll answer anything honestly! Give it a try and I'll further promise not to block or insult anyone asking here.
SamanthaLau SamanthaLau 18-21, F 93 Responses Dec 18, 2012

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Do you have pee or bedwetting accidents often?

do you walk around the house naked?

Message me ;-) it won't let me message you first

Can you please list your medications? Thank you.

Uh I only take stuff for my brain

Please name each brain medicine. Read the labels. Thank you.


Any others?

Seizures may increase, as may headaches and the odd more minor symptom. This infantile regression stuff is pure fabricated nonsense---Sorry Folks.

Huh? It dont happen from meds it was my head injury you loser

Me winner. My aesthetician is a Neurologist.

Your what?

And boom----- the sweet innocent regressed child personality, Ladies and Gentlemen. Siri Brown.


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How deep is your vagina?

uh i dunno normal!?

Could you fit 9 inches all the way?

Have you ever been angry at your Underwear? Why?

Ye sumtimes it goes up my butt haha

How can you be sure you really do have a butt?

I can see it behind me

What is a Frontbottom?

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favorite color

favorite Disney princess

favorite pair of panties

I am 18


I like Ariel cus she's a mermaid

I got red ones with black lace ribbons

Do you fart often :)?

Haha only sumtimes

Do you watch ****?

Wat it about?

How often do you **********? If so how do you like to do it?

Not sure wat u saying lol

what is you i deal of the most romantic date you can think of?

I don't remember them now really

What is your last book?

Skool books again!!

pls answer the one aboot Vulva....

Are you into dating men that are about twenty years older than you? Is it okay for a man that much older than you to flirt with you?

Uh this is like months ago but my brain age is low so I dunno

Your soft panties when they rub against your vulva, do you like that? What does it feel like

Wats vulva?

Your external genitalia. What most people mistakenly call ' vagina'.

oh ok

There remainz the Original Question.......

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are you ok without medicines?

No :(

Are you willing to stand naked in public for a good cause, like defending for women right or else?

uh like what?

Like women should not get ****** in the ***, why they have a ***** then.

I dont get it omg...wat?

Never mind, sorry.

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if you could have any dog breed you wanted, what would you have ?

one of them furry white ones from the arctic!

Positioned exactly yhe way you are on your profile pic, has your boob ever fell out?

haha ye in some tops

Did anyone see?

Will you date a stranger?

Uh no I gotta know them a bit!

Would you go out with an older man ?

ye for what?

During your regression for the scan, what happened to your mental processes? Did they regress? Do you have memory of it? I'm sorry. That is 3 questions. I am just fascinated by the experience.

im a smaller mental age now

do u cam r u a exhibistionist

i dont know the word soz!

Ur name has an indian feel...Are u an Indian ??

no im english

Looks like you need to catch up on some


Are you sure ?

have you ever wet yourself on purpose

no not on purpose lol

not everyone with a brain injury does that

how many times a day do u get the urge to find a privet area for fun

haha i like to play with friends

wow sounds fun

uh i guess

can u squirt


when u have a special ****** u can expel fluid its a special female thing not all girs do it if u need me to explain more ask a female on here to explain or watch ****

uh i aint done sex ed yet

never mind um im slow so do not take this a bad way but r u considered mentally handicap since ur doctor visit

no im a smaller mental age right now

ok i think i know what ur saying ok

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in your opinion, what is the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

It's like taboo for me to ask you anything. You are a child to me and I am not a ******** or anything. On this site, where almost any thing goes, just where do draw the line? The thrill is getting to know someone without any restictions. Honestly.