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new to ep, but you can still ask anything, it will help me to open up to this site...
tonyveee tonyveee
22-25, M
2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

tell us about your last dream you had

my last dream was about being in the hospital, being checked for something i know i didnt have, in the end i just went home, really weird dream

Were you forced there by the police or something?

nope, dream started out like that, didnt know the circumstances for being there, weird dream

what sort of questions were you hoping to receive, when posting this request?

anything that will open my mind, break me free from the shell i've built around myself

what's the one thing stopping you?

my shyness, but i am working on it i really am

what have you done to overcome your shyness today?

started conversations with strangers, and posted my first question on this site today

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