I Truly Mean Anything

I love for people to ask me questions... naughty or nice ( but I love naughty lol...)... ask away!
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Would You ********** In A Room With 4 Guys Watching You? Knowing You Would Probably Be gang-banged before it was over?

I might... interesting thought

Can I drink from your sweet fountain?


Oh, I'm good. I love drinking a beautiful girl's pee. Of course my tongue would not behave so I might get a little of your *** as well.

have you ever had food play? IE strawberries and cream eaten from you?

No...i never have but it sounds very erotic

So have you ever peed in public? If so, What is the riskiest place you have done it.

I went to a 7-11 tonight and had wet pants already, but not very noticeable, and I let more out in the store, but not enough to make a mess on the floor. When I left, there was a woman looking my way as I stood on the sidewalk, and I let go and flooded until it ran out both pants legs. She kept on looking and smiling, but did nothing. Probably because her teenage daughter was with her. The daughter did not see me, but mom looked turned on, and watched me as I walked away.
I just peed some more while writing this, and now am horny, so you know what **** next.

Read my stories for more. They are all true

There are meny kinds of taboo sex, what, if any, areyou into?

Read this whole thread you will see...

Do you like to taste your own pee?

Ive taken little tastes so far... getting used to it

do you like my stories?