Bring It On

bring it on! I'll answer any question! esp. dem dirty questions!
InternationalSpaceStation InternationalSpaceStation
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What would happen if I was a tiny, shrunk guy in your bowl of cereal? 😊

"Waiter, there's a macro/micro fetishist in my cereal!"

Haha busted.

Have you come across it quite often?

I am a furry. There is not a single fetish I have not seen.

Can you explain about the furry fetish?

1. You can be a furry without having a furry fetish. I am an example of such a person.
2. We make anthropomorphic animal characters and cosplay as them and art them.

Dunno what's difficult about that.

In a way I like macro. I'm attracted to spacecraft. ISS is huuuuge and sexy.

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How old are you? Do you wear thongs?

17 and hell no. I'm never touching that yucky butt floss.

Hahaha :)

do you self gratify

Are you asking if I fap? Who doesn't? >.>


what is your fave rate sex position and would you sex with a 47 yr old man

How the hell would I know? I've never done the deed.
And no. No I wouldn't. I wouldn't even do it with anyone my age. I hate humans. I'm objectum sexual.

very well said

are u bi?

I'm actually pansexual to an extent as far as "Oh he/she is pretty seductive" but I'm actually objectum sexual :3

How are you today?

Thirsty. I'm fasting and I'm damn thirsty.

Fasting for whom ??????

My mom. Not for that "god" lol ahahahah god XD