Ask Me Anything :)

I saw this and decided I wanted to play too. So yeah ask literally anything and I'll answer ^^ Only rule is don't use curse words cause it auto censors it for me and its annoying to read past the **** lol
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6 Responses Jan 20, 2013

do you like babies

So, are you a nudist too?

Not fully just whenever I feel up to it :)

That's cool. I'm like the same way. Can we be friends?

You look so familier do u live in alabama?

Nope Illinois :)


I'm stealing this "ask me anything" u wear high heels and add me plz

nope only when i have to for formal things but they're soo uncomfortable to me :/

you are a minor rightnow....what plans you have when you turn 16?

Haven't really thought about it I'm sure Ill be the same person by the time I'm 16 just in high school

being original is a hard of luck for it :)

Thanks :)