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A wise man once told me this quote and I will never forget.

The man that asks the question may feel stupid for that moment.

The man that does not ask the question is stupid the rest of his life.
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Okay.. so I don't feel stupid the rest of my life for not asking.. what color are your eyes?

Thats a mystery but they could be blue Sugar

So does that mean I have to find out myself? ;-)

Ok, I love to eat naked, do you?

Yes sometimes if its hot enough lol

Cool, I love to sit by a fire at night and gaze at the stars, do you? Your turn to ask, lol.

Yes I do and cook some sausages and have a beer the same time. Ok whats u biggest fear in life

Not being able to provide for my son and mom. And ... snakes, lol. What's your's?

I have to say I think along same lines family wise and I to have to admitt Im terrified of snakes as well

Lol, we think alike. Ok, what would you buy if you got a thousand dollars but could only spend it on yourself?

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An old friend of mine told me he was given that advice by an elderly man.

Where did you hear that quote from? I think I heard something like that before.