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southernbelle93126 southernbelle93126
36-40, F
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Hot tall are you and what numbers does best describe your stats.

I'm 5'9 & are you asking me to "rate" myself?

sorry my bad, mean more like Miss Monroe was a 90-60-90 in figure measures. That was what I had in mind. hope it's little more clearer now.

If you're referring to Marilyn Monroe..... she was a 36-25-37

I'm around a 36-25-36 ..... Depending how much I workout during the week and how much I have to drink that week LOL ;D

;) nice, I like that, and MM I learnt her stats in metric, and totaly wrong as I now see that 36 top and 37 butt aint the same in metric.

Your a hot sweet southernbelle

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What is the most important thing that you should do today?

Hug, kiss, tell & show my daughters how much I love them!!!

But that's an everyday thing!!! ❤

Oke.Then what's second lol

I would say have sex ..... But that's not an option in my house :'(

Do you enjoy having a man lick and suck on your **** until you cummm over and over again and then kick all your cumm out of your *******.

Well..... Ummmmm.... Ya to the 1st part lol ;)

You have never experienced that huh.

Ummmmm.... I had tried it with my husband .... I didn't find anything sexual about at all!!!

He wanted to "try" again & I said hold on... Let me grab the ***** & shove it up your *** first ;D.

That was the last time he tried.....

I`m sorry I just realized I said kick, I meant lick as in tongue.

Well you got the bonus answer ;)

Did i win anything lol.

Hahahahahaha.... I guess that depends in how far away you are lol

I think that all depends on where you live in Florida, I live just north of Dallas so if you lived in the panhandle like in Pensacola it would`nt be too bad but if you live down near Miami that is a tad farther. Now if I had a fantastic bonus that would be different.

Hahahahahaha..... Ding! Ding! I do happen to live in the Panhandle ;D

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Well Southernbelle can I ask what state you call home.

I'm a FL girl born & raised

What is your favorite way to **********?

I don't do me .... I don't get off on that .... I would rather store it up, & Wait for a man to touch me then unleash on him ;)

You nerver? HMMM

Are you saying I'm lying? Wrong.... I don't have to ********** .... I'm not an sexoholic ... I can control my desires .... Read my stories to figure that out .... pfffttt....

No one said its a bad thing ..... I personally don't get off on it ...

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What is your #1 turn on? =)

To turn me on? A sly smirk... staring into my eyes so I can see the rage of passion waiting to escape.....

Nice...so the anticipation of knowing that you're about to be DEVOURED turns you on =)

Absolutely !!! :D

Do you like it when a guy rubs his dripping hard penis around your nipples?

Yes ;)

How about...do you like it when a guy rubs his dripping hard head against your tight anus?

Ummmmm. No ..... lol

Sorry .... I'm not into that either ;)

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Have you ever been in Europe?

No ..... But it is on my bucket list ;)

i have, but then i already live in europe,i havent been to usa