Just came out of shower...i may answer anything if you ask...
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Do you go out in public braless

Do you do it for the attention or for other reasons?

I would like to see it. I love to watch braless breasts Sway back and forth in t shirts. It's very sexy.

Do you share them in person?

Have u ever been DP?

Double penetration?

Double penetrated

Really?!?!? Virgin?!

Got it

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I read you're a lesbian, but do you like showing your body to guys? If so, does it turn you on?

Thats really cool, how do u accomplish that

Ah ok, I see what you mean, I think most of us do some "innocent" showing off but most wont admit it. I think it brings our morale up knowing we are getting checked out lol

Of course lol

Have you ever had sex with a guy because you were too embarrassed to say no? Or that it was too awkward to say no? Because I've heard that this happens with 30% of women.

Now that's a twist to the tale. Have fun.

Do you play video games?

Do you recommend any good pc horror games?

What do you recommend M



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I understand

Would it brother you if I saw you nude and I stared for a few seconds?

Hi Lisa , do you keep the blinds up when walking around nude

So you don't mind if you are being watch

Nice, if you decide to bring yourself some joy do you make sure you are facing the window

I feel it is different for a guy to do that haha

So why no pics ?

Would you send them to someone privatly?

Have you ever worn a short skirt, no panties, and sat somewhere in public, coffee shop, restaurant, etc. and spread you legs hoping people will see your ***** ?

I wish I was there to see that!

So what is your favorite pair of shoes that you own

Cool what size are your breasts?

Ohh I would love to see them. But I probably can't.
So what is you favorite sex position

Do you wear much revealing clothes when in public ? Like low cut tops, no bra, see-thru tops ?

Hi nudylisa! Can you tell me what you are wearing.

Have you ever been nude in public surrounded by clothed people?

Hi Lisa, are you married ?