Go ahead and ask, go on!!!
TheWannaBeNudist TheWannaBeNudist
18-21, F
12 Responses Aug 24, 2014

Can you do the splits? Do you do them naked?

Do you have small or larger labia?

Has your bare belly touched a girls bare belly?

U going to add me Sweety ?

where is the most random place you have been nude?

Down by a river

was there any special reason you were or just because?

what is the longest period of time you went completely nude for?

3 Days

Can you squirt

Don't think so

Haha! How good are you?

Good wbu?

Add me?


Are you single?


Are you always nude at home?

Most times when I'm alone

Are you now?

Yes I am


I tried to add you to circle, but your Privacy settings denied me

Still cant

H mmm

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Do you like dirty conversations with strangers?

Not most if the time

Is now one of the times?

Nah, it's getting late here, when it's warm/hot and sunny, I get turned of a little more than usual