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Arts or sciences?

I'd have to say arts. I love to draw, do hair, and do makeup. All of which involve design. I also like to paint.

Good luck

Imagine you're a princess of a kingdom named beauty land. One day a prince who's so ugly asks you to marry him. Yes he's ugly but he treats you as his queen. The question is. How long will it take you to put a bag over his head?

Sometimes there are things that go past being skin deep. If the guy I was with right now was this guy and was still 'ugly' on the outside, I would still marry him and love him. That's what's wrong with today's society. People depend on looks way too much. You don't have to be attractive on the outside to be loved.

Yeah I know I just wanted to point that out. I wasn't saying you're one of the people who care about looks. Me myself die rather love someone who isn't as pretty as everyone else cause they would have a pure heart.

I'd rather**