Go Ahead Ask Me Anything No Limits What So Ever.

Like i said go ahead, ask me whatever u want. No limits. Let the questioning begin.
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WOA how did i never see this thread again. WTF IS THIS MADNESS><br />
James u never told me. <br />
Adam *silence*

Adam you dont even have any remorse for breaking her bones. LISTEN<br />
im not trying to get someone off a rebound i ve cared abouther for years. Adam just listen to me for once. If she takes you back then thats great for you. but if she ends up caring about me, then Dont be angry at her thats all im asking

@ chillzz haha Im ok. :) thanks for askin ;)

the thing most people forget to ask how are you ?

ok james YES i broke her ribs YES she dumped me<br />
But she always will be mine

i think you should go for what makes you happy:) dont worry about what other people say as long as your happy.

Shes not YOURS. shes not an ob<x>ject shes a person. Adam grow up and realize life isnt a game.

Just remember shes mine she always will be weather u or her like it or not

Adam what was the point in posting that on my post? Listen, If your mad at me for realizing how i care about her then be mad. but dont you dare take it out on her, because she has no idea. You hurt her once and you lost her, Thats your fault, not mine or hers. You act like your fine, liek your not violent. your a liar adam. I hear things. i know how you are. not to mention your not very quite about certain things. You tell everyone shes going to learn her lesson. adam you need help. i know youve been through alot but so have i. But dont take this out on her. She deserves so much better. If you want to take this out on someone take it out on me.

Adam we were both beaten as children, u kno what that type of shti does to me. And I CAN SEE JUST FINE. i think u need to think a little more.

Three years of being together and i make ONE mistake. and yes i understand that she doesnt want to come back i wouldnt either. but that girl is my EVERYTHING. i jsut dont know how to make it right.<br />
<br />
@tori<br />
<br />
no one is calling you and idiot. im just trying to get you to see.

You really think im going to fall for that? do i look like a Imbécile to you? Jesus Adam. Quit trying to manipulate people and just tell the damn truth for once.

@blackjack I KNOW NOT TO GOD DAMMIT, one time things just got a little outta ******* hand. <br />
<br />
@tori Les choses étaient tout simplement trop hors de contrôle Je fus moi-même pas, je ne sais pas pourquoi je l'ai fait, mais je regrette le fait que je l'ai fait tous les jours.

U know what imma ask this just for kicks. <br />
<br />
pourquoi avez-vous décidé à me battre adam? près de me casser les côtes.

@blackjack, Who the hell are you to tell me who i do and dont deserve?

Why havent you accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Personal Saviour, dont you think about eternity?

@wheres my place<br />
<br />
ive been playing soccer for ten years<br />
i play bass and guitar, and am learning piano<br />
im going into my senior year<br />
<br />
if i ever get back my ex victoria then yes, i do. if not then no never.

do u play any sports.?<br />
do u play any instruments.?<br />
what grade aré you in.?<br />
do u plan on having children.?

If I pulled out your **** would you watch me swallow it??

not at the moment :)

Uhm no

Do you shave or groom your pubic hair?

Uhm. No i donthink so.