I am at work and bored.

ask and thou shall receive!
megsyface11 megsyface11 18-21, F 12 Responses Oct 1, 2010

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never im very pasty white lol

480 699 7657-work number lol

no it was good, hung out with people i havent seen in a while, and sold some stuff on craigslist to make spare cash. how was yours?

ok its Sunday i bet (hope) you are not at work today hope you had a good and not boring weekend

I think you should answer that

ukmav-thats a little too much to share on the webz

not sure if you are still at work and bored but when did you last **********?


astrome01--hahah i think that women think that body hair on themselves is a turn off. i myself shave it or keep it trimmed. i appreciate your curiosity

I am bored at work as well. Here is a question I ponder: in your perosnal opinion, what is this seeming obsession with women shaving their pubic hair? Do you shave yours? Personally, I think pubic hair adds lots of individual character (ie. do the carpets and drapes match?). Does/did yours? I recognize this is rather sordid, but my mind wonders about these things, especially on a Friday afternoon. Thank you for your honesty....

ok lets take your mind away from the tedium of whatever you do

what colour underwear have you got on today?

ummmm surprise me

How can I help you to be not bored?