**sits straight...looks very brave**

i can't believe i joined this one....

ask away~

p.s.  you may not get the answer you were expecting  ;)
justsunni justsunni
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errr...uummm... now what makes you think i have to go waaaay back? lol. yeah waaay back!! i think it was a truck. and i have no idea what kind. haha...it was a farm truck!<br />
gosh...i had forgotten about joining this group *blush*

ya might have to get into your WayBack machine for this one...<br />
what was the 1st car ya ever had sex in?

i am all about being the best mama to my kid and a good friend to my friends! that about sums me up. oh, and there is no limit on questions! i want to see my son grow into the wonderful southern gentleman that i see him becoming. and that when i die, i want my friends to sit back and sigh and say...'damn, she was nice..' :)

aawww....no, but it isn't too far away...i'll meet you somewhere! YAYYYY!!

My next long weekend ride will be up and down the Natchez Trace. Will I be able to see your house from the road?

>.><br />
can you keep a secret? **whispers** i leave the computer! can you believe that? i amaze myself sometimes with my creativity! :)

**gasp** well...uummm...it may have been for the past year or so...but i am weaning myself off the darlin lil blue screen! :P

UMMM I GOT ONE! ummmm.................hehehhehe...................how do you get the sun shinin so bright around you!? : )

i am continuously recharged by the love of friends like YOU!!


someone who is 25 and 5 6ths years younger than you asks you out on a date, would you go out with them? ( I figured the 5 6ths might give them that extra leg up in maturity ;) )

ahem...are you propositioning me, young man? ;)

i don't know why this posted twice? i think because i'm in Ep jail the warden must be screening my mail and felt it was a question worth asking twice...

personally? my deal breaker is 24 and three quarters ... a guys gotta have some standards y'know

someone who is 25 and 5 6ths years younger than you asks you out on a date, would you go out with them? ( I figured the 5 6ths might give them that extra leg up in maturity ;) )

ooo...lala~~ i have always been attracted to younger men...NOT KIDDING! :D

p.s. i like the 5/6 thing...very creative flirting! :P

told you it would haunt me!<br />
looks likes its going to be "starbucks" take outs forever!

sounds great to me! good coffee and no fear of cup spiders!

iam still dreaming about that spider in your cup!<br />
what would you recommend for keeping those blighters far from my lovely coffee.?<br />
maybe if i wash the cup in "spider repellant" or lemons?

you are soo funny! i would recommend a quick glance in the cup before using it. that way...no pesticides necessary :)

Next question.....What are your Most and least favorite activities....<br />
<br />
I totally LOVE asking folks questions!! It's like getting permission to really get to know someone!!

sie!! i just realized i never answered this!! ok. i really, really do NOT like cleaning house!! and i really, really do LOVE being here with friends... or talking on the phone with some. although i have been
AWOL a lot lately, yall are still deep in my heart ♥

Aww.....Your buddies all love it when you wander back in too! You stay deep in peoples hearts too! ♥

wanna play spin the bottle ? he he

hey....now that's a thought! long distance spin the bottle! :O

guy kiss. no girl stuff :O

LOL@spicy!! gal, a nice juicy kiss right now is a fantasy for me!<br />
<br />
dat spicy enuff for ya? @-@

I think a nice juicy, *GUY* kiss ROCKS!! :)

What is your best fantasy????? I had to get this show rolling with some "spice!"

What exactly is that red thing in your avatar?

it's a watercolor sunnishine, you goober! :P

Ahhhh - cool. I was thinkin bullet wound with young maggots morphin an flyin there way out into the world. But that was earlier. Yes. I see the sunnishine now.

(That;s whatcha get for callin a hllbilly 'goober'.)

rather be goober or gomer? :P

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What is your banana pudding recipe?

sorry...old family secret! j/k nanners, vanilla puddin, niller wafers! voila~~
ok. maybe someday i'll give you the really good version ;)

*gasp!!* you brave soul!!! *peeks through fingers* :0]

i really am! @-@ or maybe stupid!

absolutely! 'specially since it's my nickname anyway :)