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ok ask personal questions is such a turn on
jennylovestosmile jennylovestosmile 18-21, F 29 Responses Nov 8, 2011

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What's your bra size and can I see them?

do you swallow?

Would you like to be spanked in front of a lot of people?

Would you ever sleep with two guys at the same time?

i have had sex with two people at one time, but not sleeping with two

How does ur bf keep u from moving when he spanks you? And are u ever fully naked??

Haha I'm just over his knee

do u think that he has the right to do that as ur bf?

would you like to **** an older man?

Whats the biggest **** you have ever taken? Do you prefer circumsized or uncircumsized or both?

8inchs, and what

im very happy for you! im glad you love your job and are doin what you wanted to do. :)

What's the worse bet you've lost, and what did you have to do as a forfeit?

i really do not bet at all so i'm not sure

Oh ok, that story you just posted about the 4some you didn't mention they wore condoms that's why I your missing out haha

How come you haven't tried sex without a condom?

i don't believe people should unless they are married

Have you ever flashed someone.

yeah i have

have you had sex with multiple guys in the same day? <br />
most times u have had sex in a day?

just two a couple times, just a couple again

Have you ever had surgery, if so, what was it?

nope i have not

when you have sex can you feel different with or without a condom ?

never even had sex without a condom

what is fav' music to dance to?^^ =P

hmmm i really don't have a fav music

Tell some instances where you don't wear a bra when you should... Just curious...

at times i don't wear one at work, sometimes when i go shopping i don't, at home at times

At work ? Interesting... Do your colleagues notice the difference ? Does your breasts jump around more than usual or something ? Did any of your colleagues, male or female, mention anything about it anytime ?

have you ever had a pee outside?

no i have never

Ever have or gave much thought about using a Strap-on on a guy or girl? =3

nope i have not

Has anyone ever watched you ********** before?

sure a few has

That is a story just dying to be told.

whats ur pesonal opinion regarding *******, do u lyk it n do u do it?

haha do you like a ******* they are fun at times,

I feel bad as I don't have muscle ;-(((

I would love to see a picture of you smiling showing your teeth. Can you add me a friend> You seem really sweet.

What do you consider your best feature? i love your eyes your smile. would love to see more o f you!

how i dress is my best it tells someone who i am really

What really turns you on?

ok i am all about the teeth they most be straight and clean, he most be at least 5-7 or taller, he most have muscles, a nice size you know hehehe, he most be fun and exciting to be with,

What is your biggest fantasy right now?

hmmm i am not really sure, how about u

an Island vacation with a beautiful lady!

How old are you?

i am 18

i dance to just about anything but i love classical

so you like to dance? what is your favorite music to dance to?

What drives you head over heals for a man?

teeth tell me alot about a guy, if he has money i love being spoil, muscles, i love strong arms and chest