ok ask personal questions is such a turn on
jennylovestosmile jennylovestosmile 18-21, F 33 Responses Nov 8, 2011

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What's your bra size and can I see them?

do you swallow?

Would you like to be spanked in front of a lot of people?

Would you ever sleep with two guys at the same time?

i have had sex with two people at one time, but not sleeping with two

How does ur bf keep u from moving when he spanks you? And are u ever fully naked??

Haha I'm just over his knee

do u think that he has the right to do that as ur bf?

would you like to **** an older man?

If i turn u on will i get lucky??


Whats the biggest **** you have ever taken? Do you prefer circumsized or uncircumsized or both?

8inchs, and what

ever caught you parents or anybody in your family having sex?

sure i have many times

im very happy for you! im glad you love your job and are doin what you wanted to do. :)

What's the worse bet you've lost, and what did you have to do as a forfeit?

i really do not bet at all so i'm not sure

Oh ok, that story you just posted about the 4some you didn't mention they wore condoms that's why I your missing out haha

How come you haven't tried sex without a condom?

i don't believe people should unless they are married

Have you ever flashed someone.

yeah i have

have you had sex with multiple guys in the same day?

most times u have had sex in a day?

just two a couple times, just a couple again

Have you ever had surgery, if so, what was it?

nope i have not

would you ever be totally submissive for someone?

i am submissive

such a lucky bf!

when you have sex can you feel different with or without a condom ?

never even had sex without a condom

what is fav' music to dance to?^^ =P

hmmm i really don't have a fav music

Tell some instances where you don't wear a bra when you should... Just curious...

at times i don't wear one at work, sometimes when i go shopping i don't, at home at times

At work ? Interesting... Do your colleagues notice the difference ? Does your breasts jump around more than usual or something ? Did any of your colleagues, male or female, mention anything about it anytime ?

have you ever had a pee outside?

no i have never

Ever have or gave much thought about using a Strap-on on a guy or girl? =3

nope i have not

Has anyone ever watched you ********** before?

sure a few has

That is a story just dying to be told.

Whats your bra and pants size?

whats ur pesonal opinion regarding *******, do u lyk it n do u do it?

haha do you like a ******* they are fun at times,

I feel bad as I don't have muscle ;-(((

I would love to see a picture of you smiling showing your teeth. Can you add me a friend> You seem really sweet.

What do you consider your best feature? i love your eyes your smile. would love to see more o f you!

how i dress is my best it tells someone who i am really

What really turns you on?

ok i am all about the teeth they most be straight and clean, he most be at least 5-7 or taller, he most have muscles, a nice size you know hehehe, he most be fun and exciting to be with,

What is your biggest fantasy right now?

hmmm i am not really sure, how about u

an Island vacation with a beautiful lady!

How old are you?

i am 18