Go Ahead

I have a listed in a similar posting that says ask me whatever you want.  Well I am opening it up ask me anything you want and within reason I will answer your questions here.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
46-50, F
17 Responses May 15, 2008

Can I not choose all of the above? It is so unfair to make me choose... that is like taking me out to an all you can eat buffet and saying I can only choose one item from it... It just isn't going to happen. Fungirl wants her variety so the answer is all of the above!!!!

What works best for you? Is it side to side, up and down, or moving in circles?

First my user name....fungirlmmm.... fun girl because everyone calls me a fun girl in my real life and mmm is because fun is mmm mmm good. <br />
<br />
I was but I have been separated for 4 yrs.

I love your username, how and why?

Oh Jake you know that application process is going to be tough. LOL.. I am working on my application and I will post it soon. lol

LOL. I hope that application would be in my favor. you think Im on the top of the list rndmn? thats encouraging! thanks. hehe! Im not shabby in the IQ dept. so Im confident to win fungirl's heart :) ...oh yes fungirl, i know you like smart guys.

Smart dad! I'm beginning to see why you believe there are smart men in the world! lol

He he! I love every one of you.... I need to come up with an application. My dad used to have an application for guys who intended to date his daughter. It was supposed to be a joke byut my dad scared the hell out of a lot of guys when I was growing up.

At the moment I don't think any of fungirls suitors are answering her so you might be in the running to be at the top of the list after you fill out the form. lo

How many suitors do you have fungirl? May I apply? Just tell me if i need to fill up some form or something. But you know what? Its nice to hear you are having fun with your suitor? Or MMmmm.. you're just "making fun" of them?

That's right.. Let her run the country while I am out having fun with all my suitors.

So true! Besides Princess is much more fun than Queen.

No need to be queen when you are a princess and everyone adores you lol

Hi Buck naked . Are you related to Biff Naked? <br />
<br />
Well that does color up a nice image in my mind. Thanks! <br />
<br />
Red and/or navy blue are very regal colors. Any designs on become a queen? haha

My favorite style is thongs and my fav color is red or navy blue but I am laying in bed right nowwhich means I am butt naked.

And what style?

Within Reason???? Now now how is a man supposed to know what is reasonable??? lol