Commonly Asked Questions

Q: How old are you?
A: 17 years old

Q: What is your sexual orientation?
A: Straight

Q: What kind of music do you like?
A: I don't really listen to music lately

Q: What instruments do you play?
A: Any string instruments, mainly Piano.

Q: Are you currently in a relationship?
A: Not now, never have. Possibly in the future.

Q: Can I have your email/phone number?
A: Never.

Q: Favorite Movie?
A: Finding Nemo.

Q: About your diet?
A: Vegan six days of the week.

Q: Favorite Book?
A: To Kill A Mockingbird

Q: Do you have siblings?
A: Nope, only child.

Q: Do you get along with your father(parent)?
A: For the most part.

Q: Favorite subject?
A: Science. Mainly, chemistry.

Q: What's your full name?
A: Willow Yasmin Zaro 'Neria' B------------a

Q: Do you have a Facebook?
A: No.

Q: Would you send me pictures of yourself?
A: Fukk, no.

Q: Favorite drink?
A: Green tea.

Q: What kind of sports do you play?
A: None. I'm too clumsy for sports.

Q: Favorite color?
A: Gray.

Q: Why must you always seem so depressed?
A: Probably because I am.

Q: Favorite animal?
A: Fennec Fox.

Q: What languages do you speak?
A: French and Hebrew.

Q: What is your religion?
A: Never see why this matters, but I am born Jewish.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Burlington, Vermont.

Q: Have you been outside the country? If so, where?
A: Yes, Mexico, Canada, England, France, and Poland.

Q: Favorite TV shows?
A: Breaking Bad and Dexter.

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18-21, F
Jun 24, 2012