I Wonder How Many of These Question Groups I Can Join?

This always feels strange, but also kind of cathartic...no question is too bizarre! :D  Any takers?

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How do you stop continental drift?

do you use napkins or papertowels?

Yes, Picasso unfortunately did not always treat women well. <br />
<br />
That picture you mention seems familiar: I guess Paloma and Claude are the children and Francoise Gilot the mother. <br />
<br />
By the way I am enjoying going to day-long life classes with models. I can really get into the subject for a few hours. <br />
<br />
Meanwhile back to s*x (and I wonder whether the apostrophe is still necessary: does EP censor the full word still as it used to?) If it could be captured, I would never do anything else, so I think the answer for me is ...<br />
<br />
ART! or SEX or art or ...

Great answer! Its just that when I feel that men are just coming and going I think there are things that are eternal and never disappoint, and I think of art. <br />
Then, 'good' nookie might happen (ideally with affection) and nothing else is as important as that. Yet it is so transient. I wish we could capture 'good s*x'.<br />
<br />
Picasso said something on the lines that he couldn't start in the studio until he started in bed ...<br />
<br />
I'm glad we don't have to choose!

'Good' art is so important as is 'good' s*x. <br />
<br />
What is more important?

I appreciate your answer and the fact that you reminded me of the distinction between pain and suffering.

what's your dream car?

Tate -- Do you think that life can be lived without pain, and do you think it's a worthwhile goal?

Tate -- Yes. That's a good answer.

Tate -- I'm not sure what I'm asking, really. It seems that some people have the belief that attraction between people is purely a chemical/physical thing that is either there or not. I tend to believe that the chemistry can evolve over time and is not set in stone. For example, you could find yourself really physically attracted to a person, but a decade later not feel a thing, or visa-versa.<br />
<br />
g9 -- 1.c4...

Hey you don't have to be great we'll make it a team effort . It must been some twenty years since I've played a serious game , but I think I could help . I promise not to use books or programes . What do you say .

Hey Tate3 and ag789 sound like you to could get something interest going on here . How about a chess game live on EP . we could recruit people on to both side to play chess of coarse recruits can not peek on each site to see planed moves . Are you game ?

Tate -- To follow up on CC's topic, do you think that this kind of chemistry is biological and set between people, or something that can evolve and change over time between people?

Tate -- There are times, when playing against an unorthodox pla<x>yer can be very challenging. I find I have to go back to basics and think very carefully, which isn't always the case when playing a standard opening. When is the last time you played?

What's your favorite chess opening?


Do you wear makeup?

I hope to have one of your books on my coffee table in the future.

Are you at liberty to talk about the first book you will publish?

Do you still wear, or would you like to wear short tutus?

What are the latest theories concerning the Aurora Borealis? {did I spell that right?}

Are you aware of the moment an endorphin hits your brain?

There was a time when I was positive the secret to happiness was limiting sleep.

I knew this guy once who claimed to need less than 2 hours of sleep a day. He worked 2 jobs and took classes. I had to bow down at his feet anytime I was in the same room with him.

Tate -- I've have a strange obsession with sleep, so I'm always curious, especially when someone can function on little or no sleep. My super heroes are all sleep deprived.

Tate -- I have a followup. How many days in a row can you function with 4 hours of sleep?

What would your favourite kind of romancing be? Flowers, candles, music, or other things?

How much sleep do you need? How much sleep would you like?

I'll dream that dream for you too. He's out there just beyond the next fork in the road, where you least expect to find him. He is waiting for you too. I think of him as tall, lean, dark hair and deep set earth brown eyes. With the long, slender fingers of a piano pla<x>yer.

Share one of your future dreams. Please.

Lol, El...

What quality do you find more attractive in a man? A sense of humor - or - the wherewithal to hire a guy with a sense of humor for the evening?

Will there ever be a peaceful world with no wars?

At what precise moment did you realize you were an artist?

I missed your question. I think improving my running form had a dramatic improvement on both my knees and back.<br />
<br />
Being a fan of Peter Jackson's LOR has sparked an interest in New Zealand for me.

When you are 87, what will you remember most about 2008?

When I was having back issues a couple years ago, my posture was one of the things that came up. Thankfully, my back is much happier now, but my posture still isn't all that great.

I hope you didn't scorch your keyboard.

Would there be a downside to having a bunch of super powers?

Do you think it's possible for someone with fairly bad posture to develop good posture over the course of a few years?

Do you think that meditation is an effective way to develop good posture?