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I am bored so... ask anything and i will answer
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How can I m-shift?

Imagine where ur wolf lives feel the ground under ur paws smell with ur new nose be one with ur wolf

Batman or superman?


Obama or Romney?


Do you like hip hop?


Eminem vs lil Wayne vs Kane west vs dr dre vs drake vs kendrick lamar vs jay z vs nas vs joe budden vs crooked 1 vs Royce da 5' 9" vs Joell Ortiz vs yelawolf

Who would win


What do you mean? And who?

Who out of the list I meant **** this iPad lol

You would

I'm confused lol. I would what and what'd yu mean by putting my name as the answer?

you said anyone off the list and your name was on so you would win

Besides my screen name lol


My favorite is eminem/slim shady/ Marshall mathers/ ken kaniff

who are these people?

All are Marshall mathers. Marshall mathers is him but eminem slim shady and ken Kaniff are his alter egos

Ohh I think you would win

You've never even heard me rap lol

i never heard you rap LOL

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