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wow what a *****, I give head when he wants it.

You act as though I am some kind of Goddess lol

lmao....i rarely ever ********** because when i'm horny my man quickly helps me to get off...but when i do i use my fingers, not big on using toys on myself....i'll have to think about the pics, not to sure about it....I highly doubt I will send any panties to anyone.

lmao that's cool

yes i do shave my *****. I shave it COMPLELTELY bald. No I don't get wet when I shave and I haven't shaved him before

not really because i dont want the chance of another woman getting pregnant by him and i dont like *****.

hmmmm it tolerable but my *** is soo tiny , it sometimes hurts a lot....


yeh that'll do it every time

hmmmm<br />
<br />
i want a dominant strong man(no boys must be older than me) who will force my collar and leash onto my naked body. pet and stroke me all over, indulge in a bit of dog beastaility, then **** me doggystyle.<br />
<br />
or<br />
<br />
a guy who loves that i have a sexy tiny body and will get hard if i simply call him sir, master, or daddy. but if i'm naughty...he will throw me over his knee and punish me with a light spanking followed by rubbing and fingering to the point of ecstacy then not let me ***. push me up and over the side of the bed and **** me hard.

living in cancoon with my fiancee, helping him catch his sharks, taking care of the reptiles, going to college, eventually moving to Virginia and starting my own bakery. thanks for asking


Where are the pics you mentioned in your confession?