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Ask anything you want. it's a long boring day :)

Lamby623 Lamby623
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13 Responses Mar 5, 2009

is daria a sitcom?<br />
the office

Favorite sitcom past or present?

two dogs <br />
<br />
any animal is my favorite


I am a MCHA right now lol

sorry i mean CRNA<br />
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist<br />
<br />
the nurse version of an anesthesiologist

bMedical profession? What's that in British

I will be an MCRNA

wih u on segal. Where will u be in five years time

anything with steven segal :)

i'll do top cuz i cant pick one Goodfellas Ronin Across the Universe Lolita Boondock Saints

i have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes but my skin is quite light

this is going to sound rediculous but<br />
he was set up to look like he did something because they couldnt catch him for what he was really doing THANK YOU OPD