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Buy them for her (choose the nice ones) and tell her you dream of her wearing them at least just try and then admire her how sexy she is in them. Good luck!


How do I get my gf to wear thongs?

Oh Thks a lot ,,, You're Soooo Sweet :) <br />
<br />

WIse & Beautiful .. You're The Definition of Perfect !

It's my own experiences & I've read a lot of books ;)<br />
Whenever I face problems, nobody could help me since I live on my own, Thus, books are my best friend & best adviser ;)

Luuley,<BR><BR>To date married is not easy but not too difficult since you have said you could accept that point about being his second woman, I would like you to look at these following steps & try to do that !<BR><BR>- Never forget the reality that he is married. <BR>(I understand that you had never known it before but now you do! so, no exception) <BR><BR>- Take things as they come, don't ever press for answers or change. <BR><BR>- Don't cut yourself off from the dating world. If someone catches your eye and he is available, go for it.<BR><BR>- Don't chase him, let him come to you. <BR><BR>- Do not become a stalker.<BR><BR>- Don't settle with this. If you need or want more from a relationship go out and get it.<BR><BR>- Don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed, but you may be pleasantly surprised<BR><BR>- Don't get pregnant or fake a pregnancy in order to force change.<BR><BR>- Be positive as much as possible.<BR><BR>- Don't ask questions that you may not like the answers too.<BR><BR>& This is very important! <BR><BR>- Make the time that you have special ;)<BR><BR>Luuley, you are young, but I understand If we love someone so much, It's hard to just forget anything and let him go, So my opinion is do not cut yourself from dating world ! If you find someone else whom love you! Go for it ! ;)

Hi, firstly let me introduce myself. Iam luuley, 19yrs old and simple girl. Actaully iam simple wen it comes 2 trick ways. Iam really overtaken by thinking n crying wen i came to know the truth about my boyfreind. I fall in love with a man who had a wife and 2 sons, he never reveal 2 me the secret behind his family. At firstly i had 4rm others n wen i asked him he denied n insist denying. But today n i know the whole truth by myself, i really trusted him. Wat iam i supposed 2 do? And i can't live wit him cos i love him n yet i can accept the life of being second woman.

I will never say 'forget him' Since I've been there before but my ex loved not only me but also another girl~ I had been fooled badly and after that he regrets & still regrets until now! What I wanna say is it only happens once in life. you can't let it slip away, if you feel he means that much then show him ! Fight for your love! & the most important thing is never give up on yourself.. Until there is someone who could make you forget him,<br />
Then you are free ;)

I love someone who doesnt love me.i cant forget him..i try to not talk about him but i cant..i did many things for him till one day he said he has a gf and change number..what do u think i should do?-and please dont say forget him coz i cant

you're very welcome ;)

I see, I'm sorry for that! <br />
Somehow friendship could be great therapy ;)<br />
Since there's no frustration & depression but just satisfaction & good relation > < !

Yes I am ...<br />
U ?

with ma pleasure ;)

hehe!<br />
I'll send you postcards anyway Genji ;)

I'm moving to Australia next year ! & I'll visit New Zealand as well, Would you join my trip then ? ;)

The north pole !<br />
I wanna see Aurora > < ~<br />
U ?

Indian tiger! but Siberian is the largest tiger!<br />
Both of them are powerful > < ~

hehe ~ <br />
it's not often happened !<br />
but tiger is fantastic & so powerful !

Tiger ! I love them so much > < ~<br />
They are adorable !<br />
<br />
U ?

White horse ;)<br />
if pet then dog & cat !<br />
U ?

Oh! wait then I misunderstood > < ~<br />
OK! the nassiest is umm OMG ! Crocodile !

Blueburry Cheese Cake !<br />
I love it so much! > < ~<br />
Yours ?

Red ! <br />
Would you like me to ask you back?<br />
If yes, What is yours?<br />
If no, Keep asking me ;)

ummm... that's hard ! Normally I'm always optimistic but wait.. maybe catwoman =,= !

I have many !<br />
But umm pirates of the carribean, I guess

My place ~

hehe ~ last month ! > < ~

Why Thailand ?

You get around, I live in Ireland. Have never being to Asia but hope to get to Thailand next year.

Japan, China, & Thailand ;)<br />
Depends on ma parents !

Gin and tonic. Where do u live?

Tequila Sunrise ;) What about yours?

I see u like a drink, what's ur favourite?