You Asked Me What???

Well What Is It You Would Like To Know... Its Time To Get Personal...

MsJuicyBoo MsJuicyBoo
22-25, F
19 Responses May 24, 2009

what is your dress size?

were you spanked bare butt as achild and also as a teen

No I dont have any pets... wanted to get one after my mom died... but i didnt... maybe when i get older have a place of my own and can buy it anyting i want :)

a fake boyfriend... it wasnt a real relationship... it lacked what a REAL relationship has... so tht would make it fake... just cause you use the name boyfriend and girlfriend doent really make you one...

Do you have any pets?

Depends on who I'm with... Just hangin out... spendin time with friends... not holdin back doin something fun... Dinner and a movie.. then maybe goin downtown for a bit would be koo...

What would be your ideal night out?

yeppers... but I must say I my hair doesnt grow in all hairy and long and stuff... but now that I'm thinkin I do like to shave my leggs so the boo can feel on them... :)<br />
<br />
but um lets see... Real boyfriends or fake... I'll just say... 8 thats real and fake... lol how about you??? you need to be answerin these questions too :)

ahhhhahah an "el natural" i see. i hope you don't rock mustaches though that scares 90% of guys. now moving ....<br />
<br />
<br />
how many boyfriends have you had thus far?

um maybe my butt just a very little... make it more round... lol and if I dont shave I dont shave... weather you can see it or not... I've had dresses on and forgot to shave... lol... I'm real as they come...

ohh so your cute.... your pictures make you look soo tall....<br />
I appreciate you 4 taking pics of your feet and sharing with me and oh yeah ep too...<br />
your feet say the good life or your really take good care of yourself<br />
Whats one thing on your body that you wish you could get rid of?<br><br><br />
<br><br />
What is the one thing on your body wish you could enhance? Based on what i see I wouldn't change a thing.<br><br />
<br><br />
Do you every skip shaving when your body is covered?

I had sex last with my boyfriend...

Well I have pictures of mah feeties so I'll let ya see and you can let me know... I'm 5'1

no height requirement for the ladies. BTW how tall are you? <br />
<br />
What do your feet look like ? Do they show a hard life or a good life?

As in a guy.... someone taller then me... but not WAY taller... where I can look up and still be able to kiss your lips... nice:) whats a good height for you???

whats considered a good height for missjuicyboo

heyy... whatever floats ya boat... lol I guess is good to know "I'm hott" enough to have a white, irish, married man fantasize bout me...

Yes that would be correct...

I never disappeared... I was always here... I changed my name... and like i've said so many times... they was people on my other name I didnt care for... didnt feel like deleting them && I wanted to keep my stories... So I changed my name... and let the people I talk to know... pretty simple... :)