I mean, this is an annoymous site, so why not. I don't have anything to hide, and anything that I write here, I know that no one in my real life is going to see it, except for maybe my boyfriend, but that is okay, because like I said I don't have anything to hide.

So if you want to ask me anything personal feel free. I am an open book, and I am willing to share just about anything on this site, i mean that is what this site is for. To have people understand you, and be supportive, and if someone wants to jump down my throat for answering a personal question, that oh well.

Feel free to ask away, and I will do my best to answer as fast as possible, and as honest as possible also. I am willing to be more open to others, and I believe this will be the way to do it!


So ask away Ep people!

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