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What question would embarrass you the most?

Dare: Run the block naked

i was 14 when i started fingering myself..

Do you like anal sex? And is it better to finish in or pull out

Have u ever had se* while fingering ur self?

What secret or desire are you keeping to yourself that would make you truly surprised or shocked if you actually told us?

Dare: u have to pee ur pants

What is the most significant moment in your life?

tell me about the first time you were fingered ... in detail

do you want to try for it?? answer immediately

are you snowballing????

How often do you **********?

How old where u when u gave ur first *******

have you ever or would you ever use a ******* on a man?<br />
Have you ever or would you ever have a bi mmf threeway? How do you feel about bi men?

No I haven't.Though I have been diagnosed with ptsd and clinical depression, along with a few other things.

AdeptDevil.. - Yes, Avoid them.. :)<br />
Jacalar.. - I'm going to have to pass on that one!<br />
Spank..- if i could actually single something out to give you an example, it would mean that I really haven't had many experiences. Truth is.. the sex i have is usually soo very kink riddled, that i could never reference a mere single instance for your curiosities sake. <br />
Danny.. - Go **** yourself Kthx.<br />
Darkenss.. - yes .. quite so!<br />
Thecleaner.. - You seem to think this is your adult advertisement space it's not, nor would i ever be remotely interested in sharing some roastbeefsacklunchstank vajayjay or some rottenshrivledmaggot ****, privately or publicly. So kindly take your prolific skaggdom and find a nice, warm, festeringStdhole of the internet to die in, Thank You.

Do you like TV/TG/TS

hey sexy add me!

i dare you to flash every car that goes by for the next 30 minutes

Any relationship advice for a single 18 yr old????

truth...snowballing was not something I ever thought of doing....but when I watched it I was amazed how much passion it created...i still have not done it because I don't want to feel I am trying to copy this person...

i have some friends who would like to know what the best dare for a 14 year old would be so minimal nudity and no s*x thanks

which one's better explode inside "there"...or...inside mouth ?

Mmm that has to be....graduating college.. :)

Haaa.. MBGS.. Yes I thought *See Above*would be the only thing to say to that, and a bit to obvious ..:P <br />
<br />
Ooo & Warmth I never replied to your last comment... Thank you for those very kind words. Although I must admit, even after all these years I'm still trying to learn how to live instead of just surviving..I have accomplished allot i can at least give myself that, but those 5 or so years of living that way really took a toll on my health and energy levels. It really feels like i hadn't rested that whole time. So even with being better off now I feel like I'm having to try twice as hard just to live within reason. There isn't one day that goes by that i don't think of backing up a back pack and leaving it all behind. Though i know that's never the answer.. It never was.. It was just a precursor to.

HhhahhH%$@~Haa, I like the way you completely ignored this question. well done dude! Crrrrrrraaaaaap question??????????????????????????????<br />
???????????????????????????<br />
?????????????????<br />

HhhahhH%$@~Haa, I like the way you completely ignored this question. well done dude! Crrrrrrraaaaaap question??????????????????????????????<br />
???????????????????????????<br />
?????????????????<br />

HhhahhH%$@~Haa, I like the way you completely ignored this question. well done dude! Crrrrrrraaaaaap question??????????????????????????????<br />
???????????????????????????<br />
?????????????????<br />

Do you enjoy giving head?

Marlow And ZenMaster , thank you I am glad these thing may still inspire people..and no Marlow Vox is just short for the handle i use everywhere else, thought i will probably will end up checking out that book now ..heheh.. <br />
Icecream, i reside in Colorado, and am just about to launch my new local tech service co - op business, (very excited about that actually) I've been working on it for about a year now..

Vox, there was an erotic novel by that name "Vox" that came out a few years ago.........any connection? Also, love your honesty and resiliency. I'm new to the site and just feeling my way around.

Hmmm my first lesbian experience, was with my soon to be girlfriend Breeze, in a seven story squat. I was thirteen, she was fourteen, super hot with a cute little mohawk. Being a squatter, you never have privacy at night because it's safer in large groups. So every one was sitting around drinking / sleeping / watching, as we sucked, and f ucked each other till we passed out.. It was nice having every body watching. Eventually we both got boyfriends as well, and we all would have fun..

Well, when i was homeless i slept everywhere. Better times: motels, and crack houses. Worse: alley's, bridges, squats, fields, train yards, even dumpsters a few times. <br />
I Ate store bought food, depending if i had money hustled up. If i didn't i would ask for spare leftovers when people were leaving restaurants, or eat food - line food- which is when cherish's etc. give hand outs. That tends to be already rotten food and can make you sick, so i tried to steer clear of them. I would also break into grocery store dumpsters because they throw away ridiculous amounts of food. there was really no reason to starve unless you were on the road. <br />
I always carried weapons on me, especially if i wasn't with my street family, you just have to watch your back always. <br />
<br />
Pulling my self out of homelessness, and my addiction to intravenous drugs was basically a decision to live. For a period of five years , approximately 6-8 of my friends died yearly, from drugs, disease, murder, and suicide. I knew my time was coming, so i had to decide if i wanted to follow my friends into an early grave. It took friends that always had my back, and stuck by me through all my insanity, N.A., therapy, and a whole lot of time to get clean to see any prospect for myself.<br />
I needed therapy so bad that I figured out a way to scam facilities so they would give me free long term therapy. I got my G.E.D., and started teaching photography shortly after. That was when I was about eighteen.

This is inspiring. You're stronger than steel, it seems.

Oh yes, they love it.. other wise I wouldn't do it ..<br />
<br />
Probably has allot to do with the fact that i only date bi-sexual men, who are very comfortable with their sexuality.

Do any men actually appreciate the snowballing thing? (Can't believe it - think Mr Crystalcat would go mental)

Well, while there is nothing in the world that quite comes close to the emense pleasure of feeling your partners ****** exploding in side you, .. that is saved for the rare and extremely privileged few.

Snowballing is when you are giving oral sex, and your partner ********** in your mouth after which you in turn kiss them with it still in your mouth.. Transferring it to them..

What is "snowballing"?

Hmm.. well.. <br />
At the same time, as far as men go I've been with 3 at once. All bisexual. <br />
Now with men & women there was a single situation with a semi large group of friends, collectively there were about fifteen people participating. That was totally out of the blue, no one at that party had planned it at all, and we all were a bit shocked the next I however tend to turn away from orgies with large amounts for people, simply because it's faar to hard to make sure everyone is being responsible and using protection etc. <br />
<br />
<br />
*** Spit or Swallow...? <br />
<br />
- Depends.... on if I ...Love or Like.. or just what i'm in the mood for.. I actually enjoy snowballing the most..<br />
<br />

whats the most you have slept with at the same time?

hahaa .. <br />
<br />
last i counted ..was about 32, which i feel is allot, though it's nothing compared to some people i know.. that was even through 2 long term relationships...

how many guys have you slept with?

Relations with the rents..hmm..<br />
<br />
Mostly nonexistent , and deplorable at it's better times. <br />
They only call when they want something, and are insane/abusive..<br />
<br />
These days i realize it was a blessing that they kicked me out as a<br />
<br />
Thank god they're Divorced!<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />

How's your relationship with your folks?