50 Things About Me

1.favorite scent Downy fabric softener

2.favorite coffee Dunkin Donuts

3.favorite color Orange

4.favorite cartoon Scooby Doo

5.sport played Soccer

6. favorite football team Denver Broncos

7.favorite baseball team Arizona Diamondbacks

8.favorite ice cream Chocolate chip cookie dough

9.favorite coffee creamer Irish cream

10.favorite city Nashville Tennessee

11. favorite singer Avril Lavigne

12.favorite tea raspberry

13.favorite shampoo Aussie or herbal essences

14. favorite actor Charlie Sheen

15. favorite actress Angelia Jolie

16.favorite animal Cat

17.favorite tv show two and a half men

18. zodiac sign Sagittarius

19.date of birth December 13 1978

20.chinese sign Horse

21.hair color brown

22.eye color brown

23.left or right right handed

24.scared of storms

25.favorite channel ESPN

26.siblings 2 brothers 1 older 1 younger

27. favorite candy Mounds

28 favorite cereal Corn pops

29.favorite pop tarts Strawberry

30.favorite deodorant Secret I have very sensitive skin men's deodorant breaks me out

31.pet peeves gum chewing

32.favorite season spring

33.favorite juice white grape

34. favorite jelly strawberry

35.favorite peanut butter Jif

36.any nightmares no

37. drink I have in the morning coffee

38. what do I hate Bullies

39.favorite gum Double bubble

40. room color white

41.favorite beer Rolling Rock

42.favorite stuffed animal Scooby doo

43.favorite Doritos Cool Ranch

44. favorite yogurt Strawberry Banana

45.favorite fruit Oranges

46. favorite kool aid strawberry

47. favorite Disney character Tigger

48. favorite fast food Subway

49. favorite state Tennessee

50.favorite cake Strawberry

soccerdude13 soccerdude13
36-40, M
Jul 16, 2013