I Ask You....male

Ok I started this community so we womens ask about manly stuff  or ask for their oppinions. So I was wondering what size of boobs you consider is nice on womens?? A B C D--> Z??
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6 Responses Aug 6, 2007

just curious about male perception about boobs

Öh, I have no idea what sizes A, B, C etc are... But I guess I prefer small to normal sized... :P

Small is beautiful :)

HI ... sorry ... im not a man but,<br />
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I was told that " More than a handfull is too much " <br />
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is that right ?

Well, personally, I really don't care. It's all about the how it fits on the fr<x>ame, like the other guy said. But . . . a nice Size C is always a good thing. Hope this helps.

Depends on the womans fr<x>ame, however personal preference leans toward the Cs....Hope this was insightful..