White Picket Dreams

I always dreamed of waking up on a Sunday morning, sun shining through the window of Our bedroom. Birds sing in the tree right outside Our window. I roll over and you are beside me. I can smell the shampoo on your hair, in smells of peach.
I open my eyes slowly, adjusting to the light streaming through Our open window. I feel your lips on my cheek, and turn to you.
"Good morning my love" I whisper, staring across at you.
My heart skips a beat as it always does when I look at you, and that same smile plays across me face. You smile back at me, the light shimmering off your dark hair. I  lean across, kissing you on the lips, you pulling me against you as we kiss.
I hear muffled laughter from the other hallway, and the door to Our bedroom flies open bursts open, and standing there is Our youngest.....
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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3 Responses Nov 7, 2010

**he hugs you tight up against him**

**he smiles** sorry Baby. Although I am glad I could share these "crazy dreams" with you **he wipes a tear off your cheek** I love you too, so much

**he smiles and hugs you tight** Just the silly dreams I have in my head Sweetness