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If you've read my other stories and/or my blog you'll know that for a long time now I have fantasized about my wife having sex with other  men. I became fully aware of this at a conscious level in the summer of 2009 and it took  until early December for me to pluck up the courage to confess it to my wife.

Whilst initially reluctant this fantasy has played on my wife's mind and, with a little nudge from me, less than two months later she started flirting online with a fit 26-yr old stud colleague of hers, 12 years her junior ! Needless to say that the two of them had fancied each other for about 2 years, but my wife had always repressed her attraction for him because of our marriage.

This initial flirting on the Facebook chat facility triggered a violent eruption of lust and desire in my wife, apparently matched by Jon, her young admirer. And I amplified her lust by encouraging her and even helping her flirt with suggestions for her replies. The flirting rapidly became very heavy and soon turned to near-cyber sex with Jon being very graphic about the things he wanted to do to my wife. For example he told her once that he wants to hear her moan and gasp as he thrusts deep inside her, another time he said he wanted her to straddle his face and that he would lick her until she's exhausted from *******, another time he said he wanted to pin her against the wall, lift her up with an arm under each knee and have sex with her in standing position with her back against the wall.

My wife went wild and became permanently horny, to the point that she could no longer sleep at night or function properly during the day time. To cut a long story short (you can read my blog if you want all the details), they eventually decided to have their first date yesterday. I helped her prepare for her date as a good Cuckold should, gave her cash for the night and even polished the heels of her boots on my knees while Jon was waiting outside to pick her up. They were both very nervous on their first date together but that didn't prevent them from enjoying plenty of hot 'n horny french kissing in his car, with his hands stroking my wife's legs.

Now they're already planning their next date and have already agreed they needed more time, both for dinner but also for "personal time" afterwards. Ideally my wife would like him to take an STD test  but she didn't have the nerve to bring the subject up yesterday and I doubt she'll be able to resist  him next time they go out together.

I for my part intend to play my role as a good Cuckold husband and make sure she has plenty of condoms in her bag before she gets out of the house!

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2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

it must be so exciting for you to send your wife off to be **** by anohter man<br />
i htink that it is very erotic myself but my wife would not do anything like that<br />
we dont have sex she does not like my size an i know she likes my bro he is so much larger then me but she is not inot sharing or things like that i have suggested before but she wil lnot

very sexy, and sooo close. You are very lucky!!!!! I want this for my GF too