My Future Daughter And Me

Oh me and my daughter will be best friends. I know that. We will drink morning coffee together, we will watch comedies together, we will drink together when something bad happens, we will gossip together and we will go shopping together because I will be cool mum. I won't be like some ladies who as soon asthey get kids,they start to dress bad and they don't take care about themselves. I want to feel young all the time. Idon't want to be cosidered oldfashioned ever. I hope my daughter will play some instrument so we could even play together or sing together, but if not - that will be okay too, as long as she is happy
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well its you who will be how you would be look like maybe 10-20 years it will reflect on you so if you want to look good then get balance diet and sleep good drink alcohol in moderation enjoy what you do and have some fun,teach and enrolled your future kids to have proper schooling in every instruments you wanted your kids to learn that will makes your kids musical prowess in perfection and liking what you love and eventually your kids would like7love it the way you do....and become a very awesome mommy.

Mom ......... its a rough job and no matter how cool you are they will be moments when you need to protect them from themselves. Your experience will tell you stuff like that guy is no good and your protection instincts will be jumping in to gear. Good luck and I'm sure you be a good Mom, but don't expect the daughter to show you appreciation.