Smooth And Sexy

I became a smooth nudist around 1986, my wife was not overkeen on seeing my smooth pubes. I continued and despite many polite requests she would only trim at best! In 2005 we went to the Domimincan Republic and I had purchased some very small wicked weasel bikinis for her to wear on the beach. I convinced her that for the WW swimwear to look it`s best she would need to shave her pubic hair. Reluctantly she did so. However, the transformaton thereafter is amazing. Suddenly my wife became openly sexy and loved to show off her smooth shaven ***** and best of all for other people to see her smooth shaven *****. Sex took on a new meaning both being smooth  sex took on a new level of enjoyment.
By the time my wide started shaving I was smooth from the neck down and of course I wanted her to be the same,she agreed and we now both share a passion for being smooth and shave pretty much every day. Since both being smooth my wife has had her ***** pierced twice and has a small tattoo on her shaven pubes. We both have pierced nipples and I also have  large tattoo on my shaven pubes. We both enjoy exposing our smooth body`s and love to be with other smooth men and women. Sexually being smooth has changed our lifestyle, the pleasure derived from smooth sex has to be experienced to be belived. I would recommend wholeheartedly to anyone go smooth and enjoy all the pleasures it brings too.

smoothguy61 smoothguy61
66-70, M
Jul 11, 2010