My Love

   My love I am always going to be here by your side, I promise to never leave you ever, I promise you I will never leave you hanning by a thread like others do, that is others baby not me!!! I promise to love you forever, there is no other man I want to be with forever but you, my heart is yours and your alone!! When you cry I will be by your side to hold you, when you feel alone I will be by your side to hold you in my arms and I promise you things will be ok, when you start to loose your grip on life I will be by your side and in faith we'll get through the up's and down's that life throws at us, when the devil tempts you with sin I promise to always be by your side and to hold you up and pick you up when you need it but you have got to meet me half way!!

  I am so in love with you, I know things have been rough in your short life span and so has mine, but you know what there is someone that could be a lot younger than us or older than us that has seen much more and has had it much more rougher than you and I put together, baby what dosen't kill you only makes you stronger, let the Heaven's guide you and lean on my shoulders, you'll see things are ok! I have never been so madly in love or deeply and passaitionaly in love with anyone to give up my own doctors appoiment, for anyone that is worse than me, but honey that is what I did, that is why you have an appoiment your anxiety and depression is manic and much worse than my own helath problems.

 Just like marraige vowels says " thruogh sickness and though health, through the good times and the bad, through richer and through poor, through happiness and sickeness, till death we are apart, I am always gonne be by your side, when I broke off an realtionship for you, there was no hesation in that at all there wasen't even a second thought at what I was doing, because my heart had feelings for you, nor you and nor I would know how much we would fall in love together, but we have. I want to be with you and by your side at all times, till we have gone another way and into the light of Heaven one of us goes. We are both so committed we aren't even married but I have alreayd promised myself to you, life wouldn't be beatiful without you, Heaven wouldn't be paradise without you, the stars in the midnight sky cannot twinkle without your hearts glowing love that you have for me and I have for you, for our love is true, Earth to me wouldn't exist without you, you are everything to me. I have never smiled so much in my life nor ever laughed ever, nor was I happy, until baby, you came to me from Heaven's sky with a golden heart and there you stood at my heart's door, and you are the only one who has the keys to my heart, my heart's love for you is true more true than the angels in Heaven to the love of God. Please hang on I am always and forever by your side, you have made me into a woman that is the happiest woman on this Earth that could ever walk to tell or live to smile with a beam of radience that is brighter than the galaxy!!!

 I am forever your's take my hands and you'll see, baby, I will never leave your side, but I will always be by your side and whatever you need I am always here and I will do whatever it takes to keep you alieve and happy, plus safe, if that means giving you my last breath or my last heart beat, than so be it I will do what it takes to love you forever!!

 Decited To my bf, my soul mate, my life partner, my best friend, once roomate and now so much more, baby may the Heaven's and God's entureale love forever wrap you in the arms of Heaven, and may you be blessed greatley God and I know u deserve it, I will do what it takes to be sure you have the support and forever love that never leaves you forever! Frank, I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ty too all my buddies and ur support, all of u are awsome :}!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great story.

That's really sweet. Anyone would feel loved and appreciated after reading this.