This is my second post here. In my first I was saying how I got through it all. Well??

Truth is I believe there's a part two that I am only now discovering to these withdrawals. After getting through the physical - brain zaps and dizziness stuff for 3-4 weeks, I am now finding there's another part to this all - for me that is - and i honestly do not know how long the mental/emotional side of this will take.
I find myself really cranky and irritable - ready to go off at anyone and they may or may not even be present. I am emotional and uncomfortable and pissed off and scared.
After over 10 years on this ungodly **** and tapering down over probably 18 months - I am off it for 6 weeks now - I guess i just don't know who I am anymore.

And I realise NOW that I was ill prepared. (MUCH MORE prepared than a Dr would have me be but still I feel stupid and totally underprepared and SCARED.

SCARED because I believe this drug has altered my brain permanently - basically I have brain damage. And so angry with drug company Wyeth initially and then Pfizer(take over??) and the Doctors who I have trusted to have integrity - I question that now totally.

Did I say I'm scared?? Why?
Prolonged exposure to any anti depressant causes neurotransmitters to feel not needed. They shut down. Some (who knows how many??) may never come back.

Does psychiatry/medicine know about this? I think they do.
Was I ever told? Were you? Of course not. Wouldn't want the truth to ruin a good(lucrative) story now would they.

Psychiatry is TOXIC. There's a book called Toxic Psychiatry.
It's relationship to the drug companies is unbelievably wrong.

Maybe I did have a chemical imbalance (it's never proven) before medication. But the drugs given to me have CAUSED one. I'm convinced of that.

And irritable, emotional, scared.
frankiegee frankiegee
46-50, M
Aug 19, 2014