I Want to Make Me Happy

I've found in the past that I end up relying on other people for happiness far too much.

I want to be happy, on my own terms, and be able to sustain my happiness independent of others' presence (or lack of thereof).

Not so much finding inspiration / reasons to live, but more just rediscovering things that make me happy, that do not depend on another person. While some shared activities do make me happy, I have found that lately, I have few things that I can do for myself, by myself, that make me happy.
Rhan Rhan
26-30, F
2 Responses Jun 26, 2007

It is hard when you rely on others to make or keep you happy. They always seem to let you down for some reason - probably because what happy is for them is not necessarily what happy is to you! It is also human to want company. Yet true happiness and contentment, I believe comes from inside. Happiness is about purpose, forward thinking, acceptance of self and others - how they are, and diversification - find many things you enjoy and make you happy. For me personally - if you like the person you are - truly like yourself - even all the not so good traits, it is easy to be independently happy. This way you dont have to worry about what others are thinking about you and it doesnt matter if you are alone sometimes. <br />
Enjoy your own company, delve into the things that you like (I like the idea of a 'happy list". Or even create a "dream list" - so that when you arent feeling so up beat you have things you can go and attempt - that will give you satisfaction and over time when you look back at what you achieved you can re-feel the emotions created when you completed the activity.

Fantastic stuff! A while ago, I sat down and wrote out a list of the things that made me happy that were independent of other people (of any connection) and it is a very powerful thing. Also, anytime one finds oneself caught up in stuff, that list is always there to come back to, pre-made, to remind me of what I can have out of life, independently. It's very helpful at finding one's centre.