It's Going To Happen Eventually.

Furries will get their turn, just like homosexuals. I think there's a mutual agreement among most furries that it would be nice if we could be more open in society, because it would help us find others in real life, not just across the Internet.

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Then let's do something about it :D I'm sure most furries would help, to achieve acceptation for the fandom.

The only discrimination I've encountered so far is from my own parents. I saw more than a few people do double-takes when I wore my tail around in public, but no one ever said anything rude. In fact, quite a good many people thought it was cool, or cute.<br />
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My parents, however, don't like it at all. They think a furry's life is all about sex parties and group orgies. They also think that people will "gang-rape, beat, and kill" me for wearing a tail.<br />
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Completely opposite of the reaction I've gotten from the world.

Well I think you do a pawsome job with saying what's on your mind :)

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That's just it. There used to be a time when even non-obvious gays were tormented for it. That time is right now for furries, because of all the negative press and what not that we've been getting. I don't think it's possible to go out in public with some sort of way to send a message to other furries without risking extreme rejection, or at least repulsion.<br />
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:) I don't think so. Sometimes, you can phrase something more simply and to-the-point than I can, an ability I've always wanted. :)<br />
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Yes!! FURRY PRIDE!!! :D Just the fact that the phrase is circulating around is a sign that the furry revolution is beginning...

No... It sounds better when you say things anyway :)

:) I should shut up and let you say your mind before I do!

You took the words right out of my mouth, as usual.