Not that it really matters because I am only one person, but I have made the decision to greatly reduce my time on Experience Project. I have enjoyed many of the discussions I have had on here and will still come on here a little from time to time, but frankly I think this website needs to do a little changing.

I am a Christian and I have grown tired of the constant attacks on my Lord and Savior. My faith is the thing I value most and when you have God in your life, you notice a major differences. I have seen true miracles occur, yet Christians get attacked viciously on this site. I don't expect everyone to agree with me, but for a while I tried to post about my faith hoping that I could help others to find the joy that can only be found through a relationship with Jesus Christ. I used this site as hopefully a way to minister to the lost. Unfortunately, the attacks on God have crossed a line with me.

I am also sick of much of the sexual content on this website. There are a lot of children on this and some things cross a line. People get really brave when they sit behind a computer and some people seem to think posting pure filth is somehow funny or cool. Some adult content is fine, but a lot of the things posted are by children and read by children. There should be stronger guidelines as far as getting an account on Experience Project which should include a verified email address and some type of phone code and perhaps a birthdate put in as well. There should also be a way to block certain subject matter that you don't want to see.

I support the first amendment as much as anyone, but things such as libel, defamation, bullying,stalking, harassment, etc are not protected speech and they shouldn't be.

I have tried to be a good poster and provide advice and guidance for people but for the last few weeks, I have realized this site has too much filth on it for me to remain a regular around here.

Thank you for the nice people I have met there are some of you out there.
womanoftheworld womanoftheworld
46-50, F
Aug 22, 2014