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I just read one of those self help books that i borrowed from the library, called "Cherry Bomb"....and i just want to share this bit of advice that i read..in a nutshell and how i interpreted it. Most of the time, people who want you to change or insult you for being yourself...well, they are jealous and envious of something you have...and so many books out there advise you to try to understand them, to feel pity, to forgive...Well....DON'T!!!!!!  Why should you? They don't give you the same opportunity, so *EXPLETIVE* THEM!  Go on with your own life...they are pitiful and pathetic, but that's not YOUR problem.....and why should you waste your time trying to figure them out?
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Thanks for sharing what you read! I love it! I also agree for the most part. I use the Bible as my guide and I think there are parts of it that would agree with what you said. Like when Jesus told his disciples to spread the gospel from town to town. If you come across a town where people are hostile to the message, just wipe your feet of those people and move on to the next town. : )

HAHA funny. Yeah I see what your saying. But why wouldn't you want to be more understanding with people? If you were, then you would be happier in the end. Always treat other how you want to be treated. This sounds silly but it works so well and will change your life if you try to live by this. You will be amazed. I did it for a week and it was greattt. I have low patience--but i try.

Oh wow, never thought of that...<br />
It makes sense though