I Will Not Conform

I will not be two-faced and phony - I will tell you when you pissed me off or when I think you are wrong 
I will not gossip about others just so I can have something to talk about

I will not buy the latest fashion just because everyone else has them
I will not jump on the band wagon because that is where everyone else is

I will not "throw people under the bus" to get to the top  - I will get there on my own merits even if it take twice as long
I will not be a hyppocrit - I will practice what I "preach"

I will not judge others just off of other peoples perceptions - I will get to know that person before I make my judgments
I will not conform just to "fit in" with the crowd - I will make up my own mind

I will love unconditionally
I will listen sincerely
I will give you my honest opinion with out being "crass"

I will be me and not what others want me to be

SukYoung SukYoung
26-30, F
Nov 6, 2010